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Use #Money to #Motivate Your Students With EnglishEmporium.WordPress.com's "Go On Bucks" #Education

When I was teaching 7th grade English in 2013, our team of 7th grade teachers used a motivational tool called “Go On Bucks” to encourage students to get better grades. 423 more words

Teacher Tools

Qualities of Effective English Teachers

In this episode of the TEFL show we look at the key skills that teachers need to have successful classes. Marek has been doing research on this area for his PhD and gave a presentation on the topic at the recent IATEFL conference. 100 more words


What my students can do in May

I have reached my favorite part of the school year, the final days.  And NOT for the reason you might think – summer break.  But because this is the time of year when I, the teacher, get to sit back and receive the fruit of my labor. 178 more words

Motivating Students

Pride goes before a fall - as a teacher

My last post described how I don’t push or spend time emphasizing correct French pronunciation in my classes.  The evidence behind this practice shows that given enough comprehensible repetition, students eventually self-correct once they HEAR the sounds.   125 more words


The Importance of a Positive Attitude

I noticed several years ago that lots of times when I think my classes are getting lazy, talkative, rude, unmotivated, etc., I kind of felt lazy and unmotivated myself. 187 more words


When students hand you a buffalo named Milvant

When my 6th grade class burst into the room last Monday afternoon, one of the class artists asked if she could draw on the back board.   241 more words

Motivating Students

More evidence - the power of music in the classroom

Yesterday morning I was greeted by a happy surprise.  A former student of mine (from 14 years ago in a French 1 class) sent me an audio text with him singing a song from French class. 397 more words

Motivating Students