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The Importance of a Positive Attitude

I noticed several years ago that lots of times when I think my classes are getting lazy, talkative, rude, unmotivated, etc., I kind of felt lazy and unmotivated myself. 187 more words


When students hand you a buffalo named Milvant

When my 6th grade class burst into the room last Monday afternoon, one of the class artists asked if she could draw on the back board.   241 more words

Motivating Students

More evidence - the power of music in the classroom

Yesterday morning I was greeted by a happy surprise.  A former student of mine (from 14 years ago in a French 1 class) sent me an audio text with him singing a song from French class. 397 more words

Motivating Students

Motivating Online Students to Achieve Success

By Kyle Harley, Kaplan University Writing Center Tutor

As I continually see the fantastic work our faculty accomplishes here at the university, I, like many of my colleagues, wonder how we can improve further still. 1,117 more words


Heartened by student's growing confidence

 I love to send ‘atta-boy/girl’ postcards to my students when they do something well or are making progress.  I have a stash of cards with French sayings, art or pictures on the front. 364 more words

Motivating Students

The beauty of the spontaneous moment

 I spent half a period the other day leading an activity that was totally unplanned.  How was I able to deviate without stress?  Thanks to the TPRS (teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling) methodology, I have freedom to maneuver and take advantage of what pops up naturally in my French classes. 454 more words


Teachers as learners

One of the benefits of acquiring a language naturally, that is by constant repetition of comprehensible language, is that phrasing and language chunks start to FEEL right.   430 more words