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Wanna make the world a better place?

  Every teacher thinks that his or her class equips students the most for life in the 21st century.  I’m here to make the case for how acquiring a 2nd language can transform the life of not only the student but those the student serves, later during his or her productive years of work and service. 156 more words

Motivating Students

6 Tips to Gain Students Attention in Class

This is from Kim Maloney you can visit her website http://www.music-teacher-resources.com

Visit her website and check out her resources and other information. There are some really good ideas there for teachers. 28 more words

Elementary Music

Best lessons from failures

I HATE bombing a class.  The cognitive dissonance between reality and how I like to think of myself as a teacher hurts.

But once my bruised ego has recovered, a pearl usually emerges.   319 more words

Motivating Students

Happy to be back in the saddle

  Vibrant sounds of active kids fill the hallways.  A new school year resumes.  Year 25 for me!

When I began teaching, I didn’t even think about the future.   143 more words

Motivating Students


I found this great article about the role coaches play in the success of star athletes. Since they wanted US$500 to re-post it here, I am just adding a link. 19 more words

For All Coaches

Use #Money to #Motivate Your Students With EnglishEmporium.WordPress.com's "Go On Bucks" #Education

When I was teaching 7th grade English in 2013, our team of 7th grade teachers used a motivational tool called “Go On Bucks” to encourage students to get better grades. 423 more words

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Qualities of Effective English Teachers

In this episode of the TEFL show we look at the key skills that teachers need to have successful classes. Marek has been doing research on this area for his PhD and gave a presentation on the topic at the recent IATEFL conference. 100 more words