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Making the Transition

If you have read much of what I have written, you have probably read me stating that our definition of recreational and competitive archers is that recreational archers are motivated by fun alone. 898 more words

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It's been awhile...

Yup, this blog has been dormant for a season. I am coming to the end of a one year sabbatical. It has been a time of self -reflecting,  healing, and refreshment. 95 more words


How to Learn Archery

The standard approach to learning archery, or really any sport, is to establish a pattern of incremental improvement. Basically this is a “do good, then do better” approach. 751 more words

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Using Student Feedback to Plan Music Instruction

When it comes to teaching, I’m a pretty old school kind of guy. Many teachers, and I count myself among them, tend to teach the way we were taught, especially if we were generally successful in school. 1,159 more words

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Let's Help Students Believe In Themselves

“You this boy, you are a very lazy boy. What shows that your future is bright? Your parents have wasted their resources and finances to bring you to school”. 863 more words


Motivating Students in Math

Recently, we have been discussing ways to make students more motivated in math because for many interest is lost between elementary school and high school. This interest is generally not regained until college or beyond. 365 more words

Motivating Students

While we have been concentrating on developing our lesson plans for the Lesson Studies at the high school, we have begun to discuss the challenge of motivating students in the mathematics classroom. 562 more words