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Should We Coach Male and Female Archers the Same Way?

I have had this question in mind for quite some time. I have even asked a couple of authors to tackle the topic. Most seem to think of the topic as a land mine they do not want to step on. 579 more words

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Bring podcast to life

Podcasts can be an invaluable education tool, but first you have to master how to make them. Here are the steps involved in bringing a podcast to life. 114 more words

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Empower Students with Innovative Learning

By Melissa Davidson

Students staring off into space, sleeping at their desks, fidgeting in their chairs… These behaviors are as common as old-school styles of teaching, and finding ways to engage students remains an age-old dilemma. 808 more words

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What can teachers really control?

This is the month when New Year’s resolutions are grasped with intensity and then discarded with quiet disappointment. Yet hope seems to re-sprout with each new beginning, whether that of a school year, a budget cycle, calendar year or sports season. 565 more words

Motivating Students

When Is It Time to Move Up to a Better Bow?

I got an email from a Olympic Recurve student regarding what kind of bow to move up to. He is a serious student who has a good beginner/intermediate bow, an SF Premium Plus. 1,134 more words

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Who knew that 4 of their teachers spoke French!

Before our December holiday break, I created my first student task based on Comprehensible Input (a method of second language acquisition).  Tasks, a new (to me!) vehicle for language acquisition came out of the workshops I attended at ACTFL in Boston last November. 452 more words

Motivating Students

Guest post via @briteeyes49: My Students Have Taken Over The Easel!

An easel sits in the right-hand corner of our room.
It’s always been there.

Sometimes I use it, most of the time I don’t.
I started to notice something a few days ago. 275 more words

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