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The freedom and ease of CI

Here’s a snapshot of a spontaneous moment well used.

Picture that afternoon slump…..12-year-olds…..yet another class…..indoors.

One boy puts his head down.  I say in French, “Will, what’s wrong?  484 more words

Motivating Students

The power of motivation

If we were to make a list of highly under-appreciated jobs in India, teaching would make it among the top 5. Yes, the very people who ensure that the children of the nation realize their potential to go on to make the country are rarely ever appreciated for their remarkable contribution. 724 more words

Stories From Schools

The “Talent” Question

I posted my opinions on talent recently (Do You Believe in … on July 8) and have been engaged in a lively debate with a number of you regarding that claim. 751 more words

For All Coaches

Beyond Gold Stars: Fostering Intrinsic Motivation in Struggling Readers

By Abigail McFee

Every summer, struggling readers in first through fourth grade participate in Tufts University’s Summer Reading Program for a month of remediation—and empowerment. Some skip through the door, seemingly filled with mirth at the idea of their alternative “summer camp.” Others are hesitant. 422 more words

The Art of the Possible (Score)

Okay, so I am addicted to watching videos of golf coaches coaching. This is because videos of archery coaches coaching are not available. In a recent viewing Golf Coach Hank Haney said that one can establish a “Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda” golf round score by subtracting all of the big mistakes (penalty strokes, two-chips/two-pitches, etc., and three putts). 541 more words

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Do You Believe In ... ?

Do you believe that there is a perfect shooting technique out there? And, if you mastered that technique you would automatically become a very, very good archer? 922 more words

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Advice to a Student Who Needs to Repeat a Course (Using Peer Examples)

He was making bad decisions all term long, which resulted in failing the course.  In order for Edward to pass my advanced academic ESL course and move on to English Comp, he would need to repeat the course.  641 more words

Motivating ESL Students And Teachers