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I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Advice

This is a question from a frustrated coach on a topic you may have some experience with.

Dear Coach Ruis,
In the past, I’ve dealt with students who wouldn’t follow all of my advice. 271 more words


Creating Motivating Activities for Students

An important aspect of a successful integrated curriculum is choosing activities that motivate students to learn. It is first important that activities allow students with different learning styles to demonstrate their learning. 412 more words

Integrated Curriculum

Freshmen Learn How to Pronounce "Thames" and Other Classroom Struggles

Students are funny. In my past year as a substitute, I’ve been asked about Freud (as in food with an R), Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (less deMOY-zells duhVIGnin), and most recently about that great English River Thames, pronounced just like it’s written. 1,363 more words

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We Have to Stop Saying Stupid Things

I just finished reading a column in the January 7, 2015 New York Times: “Years of Repetition Help Sharpshooter Equal a Record”

The subtitle was “Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis of UConn Took Aim at Record for 3-Pointers;” here are a few quotes: 336 more words

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Motivating Students in Middle School Classrooms

Strategies for Motivating Students

Dan Pink says that motivation comes from three distinct facets of human need: mastery, autonomy, and purpose. In thinking about how to motivate students in a middle school classroom, there is also the interplay of social and cognitive development that can severely hamper student desire to expend effort or to pursue mastery in a content area. 87 more words

7th Grade ELA

ScootPad Alleviates Test Anxiety at North Country Elementary

Jolinda Smith’s students at North Country Elementary in Antelope, CA were pleasantly surprised after completing field testing for the new Common Core state tests. Students breezed through the test and found that all of their hard work on ScootPad had paid off! 300 more words

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8 Uplifting Quotes For Discouraged Students

At this time of the school year, most educators are busy grading papers or marking assignments. I (Clare) came across this wonderful blog post on… 1,041 more words

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