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We have the POWER to BE KIND!

BE KIND – 7 Rules of Life poster

We have the power to be kind and make people feel good. No matter how big or small, one simple act of kindness can make a huge difference to the person receiving it. 423 more words


Staying motivated when working from home

Photo by Bongkarn Thanyakij from Pexels

It’s not easy working in a new environment. Even before teaching I was used to doing my university work in the library as I found that working at home left me more open to distractions. 532 more words

NIPOST, FIRS At War Over Stamp Duty

The ongoing dispute between Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) and the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) over the authority of the two in respect of stamp duty production may cost over 15,000 jobs. 314 more words


Jeff Bezos: 10 quotes By World's Richest Man

Life is too short to hangout with people who are not resourceful.

Jeff Bezos

One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.

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Remaining Persistent

Persistence means the act or fact of stubbornly continuing to do something.

Have you ever felt you tried and tried to complete something but it just wasn’t getting done? 420 more words

Why art is important in our life?

Many people have a lot of misunderstandings about art. They usually say that they aren’t interested in art or they don’t have to do anything with it. 891 more words


Just fucking do it!

This is hands down the best piece of advice I’ve ever got. Awfully simple yet so powerful. 256 more words