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An event called "Life"

A message that got me like…

I found something that really made me think, so I thought I would blog about it today.Read the following to follow up with what I’m talking about today. 212 more words

The Reality of Depression And Getting Back Up

I haven’t written anything for a while. My thoughts were silent and loud all at once. Silent in hope and strength and loud in doubts and questions. 1,084 more words

DAILY QUOTE 03.26.17

“Change your thoughts and you can change the world.”

– Norman Vincent Peale


Live Your Life to the Fullest! Here's How! (2 min read)

1. Follow what your heart says.

Always follow what your heart says no matter what everyone else is saying. Way too often too many people are caught up doing what everyone else is doing and then tend to forget about who they are. 338 more words