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Poetry Contest: I'm Better Off

by Alivia Massimillo

I’m sure you’re expecting a text
Wondering if I have planned in my head “What comes next?”
But don’t worry,
That won’t come. 66 more words


Stronger Than My Excuses

It’s been a tough week for me, mentally. I’ve been training HARD, tracking every calorie and macro. I’m making progress, but the perfectionist in me gets discouraged at times when results don’t come quickly enough. 80 more words


Trail Motivation

I’m hiking the Pacific Crest Trail because…

  • life should be a daring adventure.
  • I love being in the woods and standing on the heights.
  • “do it while you’re young” keeps ringing in my ears.
  • 211 more words

Back to the Basics: Lead Hooks & Uppercuts

Welcome to the fourth and final piece in our Back to the Basics series. Over the past couple of weeks, we have covered the basic boxing stance, our number one punch – the jab, and our power shot – the cross. 339 more words


The Power of Doing Good (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Ivan S.

Founder & Owner of: Colourful Life Notes

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Art, Photography, Successful Living, Travel and Writing Writer… 297 more words


No Quit

Have you ever noticed that all the “experts” advocate finding some sort of exercise or work-out routine that’s “fun” to do, claiming that you are more likely to stick with it if it’s something that you enjoy? 1,690 more words



Today i realized how wrong i used to think about writing.. be it anything say poem or story, two liners, jams and what not. I thought it was to be done when a person just had nothing to spend time on but today when i failed to clear an interview i realized that writing left abandoned by me some months ago had vaguely portrayed me today. 217 more words