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Directing emotions and intentions to where you should be headed

Where do I even begin.
And more importantly, sorry if I haven’t written anything in a looooong whileee.
In those months that I’ve been MIA-ing, so many changes have gone through in my lifestyle, how I manage my workload, spending time with loved ones, and the list goes on. 465 more words


Our Tour Guide, Mr. Nok

This post originated as a whirlwind of emotion that I typed out quickly on my Facebook account. We had just spent 3 day with Mr. Nok, running around the temples and the surrounding areas. 635 more words


You WILL Evolve

My transformation in life has been absolutely remarkable because I went from my main agenda being just me, to my main focus being to help others. 858 more words

“We would like to bring you on board with our company! Will you accept our offer?”  My moment had finally come ! 100 applications & 20 interviews later.. 328 more words

Bright Future

Quote for the Day...

Today morning while traveling to work, I had almost an hour to kill (thanks to the ever-increasing traffic). While I was lost in thought looking out at lane of trees swaying to the left, I remembered an interesting quote from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. 207 more words


Build Me an Audience


I can’t delete this blog even though I don’t use it, there is a publishing company following me. I need a publisher, I want to get my writings known. 73 more words

Start Today

There’s no impossible journey, except for the one you never take. That makes a lot of sense, because many times the greatest journeys never even get off the ground due to fear, excuses or laziness. 79 more words