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Every phenomenon in the universe has numbers woven into it. Sometimes we can see them, and sometimes we can’t. But we define ourselves by these numbers, these squiggly characters that we see written everywhere we look – from the calorie count on the pizza menu to the calculations in my physics book. 158 more words



Dear friends,

This morning, I’ve been pondering all the ways that we fall.

Falling down. Falling in love. Falling forward, falling back. Falling on ice, on stairs, on a slippery floor. 205 more words


You can do great things. You are the best. You are entitled for greatness and you can revolutionise the world. Have no fear, have no doubt and move forward confidently, when you have lost all hope. 134 more words


Porque sigo Gorda?

Porque sigo Gorda, Rellenita?

Esa pregunta me la he estado haciendo las últimas semanas.

Soy muy inteligente fui a la universidad, en mi casa no encuentras ninguna comida chatarra, el azúcar no existe en mi alacena y el pan a pasado a ser algo para disfrutar sólo en días festivos. 798 more words

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“What truly brings you a sense of calm?”

“Have you ever seen a sky full of stars? Blips of blue, white, and red covering your field of vision.

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Some Words to Live By

When I was a child, I would hide in my room to write in my small journal the daily activities that occur on that day. I would hide that notebook deep into my closet so no one would read it but me. 327 more words