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They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I’m a kind of guy who never believed in love initially but at a point something prompted me about this particular lady. 277 more words


It was a usual weekend when I said something that a lot of people needed to hear.

Last Friday, I had the most pleasing conversation with the human resources of a company. 273 more words


What serves you

Struggles aren’t only physical, but mental too. I would say that usually our mental state affects our physical manifestations. What is interesting is that we often live more in our head than we do reality, whether it be creating scenarios which haven’t happend yet, or perhaps living in a past reality, that brought us joy for a moment. 149 more words


🎯 Everyday is your day to become better, stronger and wiser. This requires you to take some risks into the unknown.

You get one life so don’t waste it doing nothing. 105 more words


Keys To Success: Unleashing The Giant In You

One day,a farmer bought an Eagle egg with half of his fortune,for fear of the eagle escaping in future,the farmer put the eagle egg together with the egg of his hen which were being incubated too at that time……days passed and the egg was finally hatched by the hen,it behaved like an hen,picking food from the ground like it’s fellow chick,not knowing it was an eagle,days passed and it started to grow bigger and mightier,that other hen began to fear,but it’s orientation never changed it never felt there was something that was in it that other fowl never had….why? 636 more words