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One of those days....

Smiling on a good day isn’t hard, the struggle is finding that same resolve on a day when everything seems to be going wrong. Tuesday and even into today seem to be just that. 445 more words


Suicide or Murder?

2 kids, students at a school in Karachi committed suicide on 1st Sep 2015. Boy , who was 16 year old shot his class mate first and then shot himself with a 9mm pistol. 510 more words

Life Problems

Meet the Two Security Guards Who are Giving Everyone Life Goals....

Two separate posts on Facebook describe the inspiring security guards – Balinder Singh on the left and Sagar Ashokrao Bhagat on the right.

If finding some kind of Monday motivation has been your goal, this is where you park your search. 317 more words

Interesting Read

Puerto Rico: La Isla Del Encanto

There I was, lying on my bed and I thought to myself, “I need to get out of here!”.  I was tired, frustrated, and I really needed a break, but more than that, I had the desire to just go somewhere…anywhere…be someplace new. 795 more words


Hey Lovelies!

Hey lovelies, first, I’m so sorry for the hiatus! I really am. However I’ve been super busy with my other blog, and training my horses, and a whole list of excuses that really mean nothing. 658 more words


Motivational Monday: Bloom and Grow

Tending to each petal

With delicate touch and sense

Fragile yet resilient

In both beauty and depth

The stem digs deep

To find a connection… 22 more words


Cockroach Theory

A beautiful speech by Sundar Pichai – an IIT-MIT Alumnus :

The Cockroach Theory for Self-Development

At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady. 345 more words