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Is Quitting an Option?

One of the most common cause of failure is  the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat- Napoleon Hill

I remember running my first race,  prior to this race I run regularly with an average of  10 miles per week.

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We had finally decided to meet that night. I knew he was not too fond of coffee but I also knew that he would be willing to take one for the team. 451 more words


Self Esteem is a B!t@h!

Why is it that I am so high-strung sometimes? I didn’t ask to be this way. I don’t like being this way. I am able to calm myself into an ordinary state quite quickly, but sometimes it just comes on without warning. 362 more words


Build Your New Life One Rep At A Time

Today while at the gym a thought occurred to me as I was pounding away in repetition doing crunches. I knew I needed to work on my overall package, (my entire body) and have been neglecting my midsection for some time. 527 more words

Working Out

Dealing with Bad Days

Ok, here’s a different kind of post. I guess you could call this a “quick fix”, or a “troubleshooting” post.

I was thinking, and I realized that sometimes we don’t really need an in-depth explanation of our circumstances or particular emotional struggle to break through our gloom and worries, and enjoy our day. 917 more words