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Eyes Blind...

Eyes Blind…

There was a blind girl
who hated herself just
because she was blind.

She hated everyone,
except her loving boyfriend.

He was always there for her. 130 more words


Sins of My Ancestors

As you can see in the image provided, sixty-nine percent of my genealogical DNA is of Great Britain descent, with an additional 26% from Ireland/Scotland/Wales and Eastern Europe. 479 more words


Keep Me Off Your Pedestal

This blog is in response to a comment that an acquaintance made. I told him that I have made mistakes in my life just like everyone else has. 572 more words


It's Time To Detox...!

It’s that time of the year again when I sit down and take a stock of my life. When I do an introspection and carry out an analysis of my activities for the year. 358 more words


Warriors Don't Die With Clean Swords ⚔️

The truth we believe in and cling to makes us unavailable to hear anything new – Pema Chodron

Whenever I open my notebook to scribble down something pertaining this post, I’m reminded of Leonidas from 300 ( 283 more words


Count Your Blessings One By One!

Today is the last day of November. So, the year is going to end anyway whether you like it or not. Instead of complaining about the things you have not achieved so far, make a list of 11 blessings you have received this year and be grateful for them. 154 more words


What doing a pullup taught me about life

I’m a small girl, a weak girl. But pullups taught me incredibly much about life.

  1. THINKING IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. You start by believing it is incredibly ridiculous about the thought of ever crossing the bar.
  2. 972 more words
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