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Spread Good Vibes...

I was in the train and keenly watched someone take a selfie severally and trying to pose differently too. She was so engrossed with her ‘selfies’ that she didn’t notice I was looking at her or maybe she cared less who was watching her. 489 more words


Have A Great Week...

Welcome to a new day, a new week and the last week in the month of August, 2016. It’s been a great month thus far with the sun beaming with smiles and lots of sunshine to the world. 262 more words


20 Little Ways To Remind Yourself You're Beautiful Today

The world can be harsh and can often make you feel like everything you’re doing is wrong–and by extension, everything about you is wrong. I recently went through a period in my life where it was difficult to look in the mirror. 567 more words


A Reminder...

Yesterday was one of these late summer days (in Saskatchewan this is considered late summer…) where we woke up to rain and heavy cloud cover. By mid afternoon I had enough, I needed to get our for some fresh air. 234 more words

Creativity Update

Never Let Go...

When your heart leaves your body

To be with your soulmate in a dream 87 more words