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THEY Taught Me HOW!

History: Teaching Moments or Experiences of Former Times!

While having a quiet moment, I began to remember those illustrious and prolific women, who without hesitation, allowed me to watch, as well as learn, from within leadership status. 1,947 more words


A Slither Of HOPE:

Life is about seasons.

Sometimes, the seasons of our lives are decorated in fine linens and laced with delectable sweeteners. Other times, the season brings us nothing but grief and pain. 586 more words


3.6.18 I Write.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

I am deliriously happy to announce that I have a new piece in  451 more words

YA Novel Status Update

It’s been but a few weeks since I restarted querying agents for my Young Adult novel, and I’m surprised to have already received three rejections. It’s not the “I’ve been rejected?!” part that surprises me, it’s the quick response. 195 more words


Olympic Inspirado 

The Olympics, to me, is primarily a spectacle of the most amazing things the human body can do.

Since the opening ceremonies last Friday, I’ve had Olympic coverage on my TV non-stop, from morning to way too late at night. 309 more words


Valentine's Day Special: "I'm Still Here"

Well, folks, it’s Valentine’s Day. And instead of talking about more pressing issues like police brutality, global warming, the wage gap, or the incessant news coverage of Donald Trump’s stupidity, I have decided — for the sake of my sanity and the desire to unplug from worldly drama — to dedicate this post to Valentine’s Day. 608 more words