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what kind of cat am I?

“The Most Important Thing is How You See Yourself”

Who could argue with those words from a motivational poster?

Me, that’s who. And here’s why: 498 more words


The workouts you hate

There are workouts you love. There are workouts you hate. And then there are the workouts that you say you hate, you think you hate …. 705 more words



How to be a super villain… using workplace posters.

No workplace can operate efficiently without trite, patronising motivational posters and the evil workplace is no exception. 25 more words

Motivational Posters

I Believe I Can Fly

Memes. Oh how I love you so.  You take a clever idea and then make it better and better (and then eventually boring and worse). 102 more words


Wisdom from the Word Wednesday

So on Monday my post discussed all the false motivational posters that inundate our inboxes, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest feeds. There are so many false or incorrect ones out there, but I didn’t want my loyal readers to be disheartened that they could not repost ANY of these motivational posters anymore (like you would all listen to anything I say anyway…) And because Wednesdays on my blog is typically “Wisdom from the Word,” I decided to share some of my own posters drawn directly from the Bible. 351 more words

Life And Happiness

Discipline, Determination, and Dedication

In order to survive and possibly thrive in music, you will need to rely upon your “intestinal fortitude” as the great Vince Lombardi once said to his Green Bay Packers football team. 136 more words