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Get rid of those people who try to influence you, who try to subdue you, who, deeply, are jealous of you but don’t want to admit it.

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Quote For The Day 18...

Today’s ‘Quote For The Day’ is about Self-worth or Self-esteem..

“Your Self-Worth Should Not Depend On

What Other People Say About You,

Whether It Is Good Or Bad…” 49 more words


Quote For The Day 17...

Today’s ‘Quote For The Day’ is about Positive Thinking..

“Start Thinking About the Best Thing

That Can Happen To You

Instead Of Always Expecting the Worst..” 54 more words


What's Irritating You?

Passing along a positive thought for the day….


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Quote For The Day 16...

Today’s ‘Quote For The Day’ is…

“Every Problem Has (n+1) Solutions,

Where ‘n’ Is The Number Of Solutions That We Have Tried

& ‘1’ Is That We Have Not Tried… 168 more words


Quote For The Day 15…

Today’s ‘Quote For The Day’ is…

“Try to be like Water,

Because it slips through Fingers,

but hold up a Ship.”

‘Try to be like water, Because it slips through fingers’ means try be… 43 more words


She believed she could ...

School is well underway around here, both for my kids and for me in my new position as a Personal Care Aide (PCA) at our Old Forge High School.  410 more words