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Don't look down

Don’t look down and be stressed look up and be blessed🙏


Parting Mythically

I think I’ll be going,

Averse you, averse me.

Looking like a shooting star,

Blinking at you hastily.

Or else you’ll flee!

What will I do then? 60 more words


Kisah Umar Al Khattab dengan seorang Kanak-Kanak

Pada suatu hari, Amirul Mukminin Saidina Umar r.a. melewati sekumpulan kanak-kanak yang sedang bermain.

Apabila kanak-kanak tersebut melihat Saidina Umar r.a. menghampiri mereka, kesemua kanak-kanak tersebut lari bertempiaran kecuali seorang kanak-kanak. 106 more words


Withstanding jointly

Darling, you are nearby me,

In my hindrances and all my quirks,

In my experience, my happenings

So why do I go distant from you? … 90 more words


Yawn. Everyday Life Usually isn’t Fun.

A lot of days aren’t so exciting. Some days can be quite dreadful, horrible, and maybe even disgusting when looking back at them. Anyone who went through bad times remembers that it gets better eventually, often times thanks to some form of intervention.   472 more words


David’s triumph over Goliath has a lot to teach us, read this to know more..

Adopted from the following great insight shared by Malcolm Gladwell from the book David and Goliath

“David fought Goliath not with inferior but (on the contrary) with superior weaponry; and his greatness consisted not in his being willing to go out into battle against someone far stronger than he was. 22 more words