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Quote of the Day

Pain knows no friend but wellness is a spring of life.

– TheAfricanBrunette


Ladies, Uplift One Another

“My friends have made the story of my life. In a thousand ways, they have turned my limitations into beautiful privileges.” – Helen Keller

We need to uplift each other more.

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Playing Poetry

Being Human: Growth

Anger and unforgiveness
Lay in bed with me
Gisting me of their life and times
And I listened with patience
I didn’t drive them away… 206 more words



Its been like this from the start,
All the dreams I had seem way too far,
They say dreaming big isn’t good,
But I wanna live the way I should. 77 more words


Make Life Happen

Move forward with what you need to do in life.

Go and do what you were meant to do.

Tell me

What other choice do you have? 55 more words

Sept 21, 2018 Morning Motivation (Passion & Love)

Wake up! Ask yourself, what is my passion of love? Remember your passion is a place where time doesn’t meet, when love is a pause in your life in the creations that are set in motion. 22 more words


Soaring High

Here I stand, about to take a leap;

To fly to the sky, and soar high;

Leaving behind all the things I hold dear,

Ignoring their piercing words, showing no fear. 142 more words