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How Big is Your Personal Prison?

Buena Park, CA there is a lare theme park with dozens of rides including rollercoastes. My daughter, at age nine wanted so badly to ride a rollercoaster. 790 more words


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You can’t force success. If it is not there, try to do whatever it takes or you can to achieve the desired success. Happy New You.

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A PAGE FROM MY PAST (The Conclusion)

He hands held mine as he kissed me. I was a year older but he was way matured in his thoughts than I. His emotions was within his control but mine was lost. 924 more words


Life is a Battle

When you trying to runway from death and it just look like you have not gotten any where at all.

I will be using Documentary to explain,was watching this scenario.A cobra wondering in the Bush searching for a prey and suddenly he saw what he wanted a rat passed and he begin to calculate how to get it,the rat at the other side needs to escape for his life in the processing of running there is a Pond waiting for him which consists of Aquatic plants&animals found there. 88 more words


Larry Ellison's motivational speech

“I’ve had all the disadvantages required for success “

I was 21 years old when I dropped out of college.  Packed everything I owned jeans, T-shirts, leather jacket, guitar ,into my car and drove to chicago to Berkeley California.   

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One Way Ticket

I guess I should feel excited, nervous, perhaps overwhelmed.

The truth is I hardly feel any strong emotions.

I packed five years of college in two bags. 322 more words

Life & Death

We don’t live for life we live for moments.
We create and cherish the moments.
Moments are the only things that stay with us till our death Or maybe even after our death.

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