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Instructions to keep quiet are everywhere.

From the ‘Silent’ signs in theatres and libraries to the wise quotes on ‘silence speaks louder than words’ and ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all’, we seem to need to be constantly reminded that we need to put a 3leash on our tongues and voice boxes. 491 more words

Monday Starter

Starting Where You Are At

There are a million awesome ideas and dreams that people have. Sadly many of those ideas and dreams no one will ever know about. Why? Because of procrastination. 126 more words


Warren Buffett And Bill Gates Best Success Tips

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Make Life Simple

I find life so beautiful because I make it very simple. I enjoy the breeze and the trees and because I enjoy these little things. Life is such an amazing experience to me. 125 more words

The Story of the Wolf (Ashley)

Everyone has a spirit animal. Ashley’s spirit animal is a wolf.

Much like a wolf, Ashley was born into this world as an adorable baby girl with a beautiful mix of Native American and Scottish background. 683 more words