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KNOW YOUR STRENGTH..........................

Never lower your standards to meet the requirements of someone else, you know your worth and value and it is not negotiable, for anything, you are strong and know where you are going ! 9 more words

Chase Your Dream

Your Comfort Zone — Orlando Espinosa

Make a daily effort to break out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to learn something new!

via Your Comfort Zone — Orlando Espinosa…

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How to identify what you are good at

Some of us were fortunate enough to be superstars from childhood.

We were put down a specific path in life. Our parents took us through a regimented lifestyle. 366 more words



Atif Aslam sings a single note in his distinctive voice and it has crowds cheering. They sing along with him, the young and the old, male and female, their cell-phones invariably held aloft, recording videos to be shared on social media later. 1,798 more words


The Sacrifice is Worth It!

Whatever thing is worth doing at all is really worth doing well and even excellently which explains why at some point in life, you must be willing to sacrifice something for the other because it is in the place of sacrifice that things you truly desire begin to fall in place and you become more closer to the fulfillment of your purpose and destiny in life!



मेरे प्रभु

रहा संग तू

न मैं ये भूलूं, मेरे प्रभु


असमर्थता की निर्जीवता में

तू विश्वास के प्राण भरता रहा

निराशा के अंधेरों में अक्सर

टिमटिमाता, उजाला करता रहा

मगर जब रुक ही गए कदम

ली तलवार तूने लड़ा जंग तू

न मैं ये भूलूं, मेरे प्रभु


उतारा जिस भी समंदर में तूने

तैराकी के अंदाज़ सिखाता रहा

अड़चनों से लड़ना, बच कर निकलना

तू राहें नईं दिखाता रहा

उस समय जब डूब ही जाती देह

अचंभा, कि आया, तिनका बन तू

न मैं ये भूलूं, मेरे प्रभु


खेल खिलाए अनोखे अनोखे

हराता, सिखाता, जिताता रहा

परिश्रम तेरा और मेरा पताका

करे कभी भी न मोह भंग तू

न मैं ये भूलूं, मेरे प्रभु


मेरे प्रभु

रहा संग तू

न मैं ये भूलूं, मेरे प्रभु