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Motivational Mondays from FB and me to You!

Let your dreams always be guides that allow you to blossom into a better you. Even if things end up preventing you from reaching them then you cannot deny that those dreams helped you grow. #advice #writingadvice#write#writing


Creative Thinking

This is my first actual book review so ill keep it short sweet and directly to the point.

The book I’ve been reading and KEEP re-reading is: 466 more words

Everything And Anything

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows…

October is breast cancer awareness month in the U.S., which presents many motivational stories.  I was pleased to find a little significance, or tie-in, for this.  

228 more words

Introducing "Motivational Mondays"

A few weeks ago, I concluded a professional presentation on sleep, stress, and autoimmune conditions.  Carefully, I wove together scientific information, such as the physiology of stress response, immunity, the dynamic nature between sleep and stress, and hormonal activity, with motivational advice centered on behavior change. 189 more words


#MotivationalMondays : Stop Playing The Victim

Todays #Motivationalmonday lesson is a short and sweet one. Stop playing the victim! How? I hear you cry. Simply stop making excuses and take charge of even he little things. 71 more words

Life, Oh Life


Mondays tolls again and although it is nearly over im here with a quick and short message!
Head into this week with the mind set of happiness and positivity. 76 more words

Life, Oh Life