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Do it Anyway!

It is not in the knowing alone, but also in the unknown, that allows us to harness our unseen potential and become a sign of the purpose of life. 14 more words


OWN IT || Motivational Monday

For a long time I let physical things stop me from being my best and taking risks and owning ideas. What’s crazy is, once the excuses start, they keep on pilling up and you never seem to make anything work. 27 more words

Anuli's Blog

Journal Series #1 - Daily Journaling Prompts

Hey All,

I joined an online community called SheNomads. We are reading a book called Girl Code, and on Saturday (Aug 18) we all got on #Slack to discuss chapter 3. 460 more words

Motivational Monday

Wake up!

Wake up with an urge and a fire to do whatever it is that drives you. Take the time to figure it out-what motivates you? What can’t you stop thinking about? 107 more words

The MIX Technique

Pretty Gratitude: Motivational Monday


Once again, I am back (life is something let me tell you). So today I know that it’s Tuesday, but your weekly motivational quote still needs to be posted!! 111 more words


Monday is by far, the hardest day of the week for me.  I am not sure why, especially since I am retired. But without fail, every week when Monday comes around I feel the dread rising up within me. 33 more words

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