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On taking back your life.... after motherhood.

When you become a mother your whole world changes. Suddenly, you are thrust into caring for another human being, making sure they eat, sleep, drink and poop enough.  957 more words


The Ex Culture

“The day I broke up with my boyfriend, that was the day our friendship ended. We were so close, like two peas in a pod. To tell you the truth, I never focused on my other friends, because I wanted our relationship to be a committed one. 1,373 more words

Lived Experiences

How to Overcome Nervousness: 7 Simple Habits

“Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.”
Benjamin Franklin

“If I don’t train enough, of course I’m nervous.“ 1,142 more words


Just Push A Little Harder.

Just push a little harder,

With every breath, see the finish line,

With every sight,

Feel the light glowing through the pores on your glistening skin. 101 more words


Success Nugget 2

Dear Readers,

It is often said that, “Choices You Make Will Make You”.

A Lot of people say to me I want to be rich, 313 more words


Motivation for Smart People.

Do you ever feel there’s a greater being inside of you just bursting to get out? You can feel its presence sometimes, can’t you? It’s the voice that encourages you to really make something of your life. 1,274 more words


Swissgolden marketing tip 5

Networking is not magic. Relax yourself and go about it daily until you succeed.
You can’t gain admission into the university and graduate the same year. 127 more words

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