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Don’t worry, Nature fix things!

I have learnt something about life but in a hard way!

While growing up, I did something bad to a friend that got him really mad at me. 279 more words


Before going to NYSC Camp. What You Need To Know.

As written by George Saint Chukz.

Congratulations to potential corps members. Nigeria call, obey.

Having been on the field; seen and conquered NYSC, it’s pertinent to relate to potential corps members what’s to face them pre and post camp. 798 more words


Hello CY

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Five Amazing Benefits of Practicing Creativity 

Everywhere you go you find people who are using their creative muscles to come up with life solutions. 577 more words


See No Evil (4:59secs)

A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to go –Rosalyn Carter…

684 more words

Building Life Skills through a culture of Service.

As written by George Saint Chukz.

Building Life Skills through a culture of Service.

In a global village world of today where cultures, norms and values, traditions and the perceptibility, and psychosocial activities vary but interrelate, it is imperative in all senses for one to unequivocally cultivate and at all times live by the life skills obtainable in man’s audacious existence and relationships on earth with others. 383 more words