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​Reward Yourself with a break - You deserve it! 

In a flash nine (9) months have come and gone this year.

Yes, it’s October already.

While some spent these months working on different tasks – from studying to building businesses, writing books and a host of other things, others are totally unaware of how much time has gone this year and haven’t done anything meaningful. 402 more words


First Book Swap hosted by The Literature Corner

Yesterday I had the honour of hosting the very first book swap under The Literature Corner brand.

I got the chance to interact with like minded individuals for the first hour just to get the lay of the land and figure out who we had managed to trick into actually showing up for one of our events, yes pun intended.

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I’ve been drowning a lot lately, constantly aware of my deepest emotions.

Going numb is no longer an option for me but the thought is tempting.

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How do I overcome writer’s block?

Writer’s block is the bain of all writers and has been for ages.

I will liken writer’s block to a headache, an ailment with many different cures because it has many different causes. 621 more words


Living life through the eyes of my children

“If we could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything…”

Every day when I wake up, feeling a little grumpy because my sleep was broken or not long enough, I look at my children in amazement. 1,401 more words


7 Epic Reasons you Should Write Every day 

Ever since I fell in love with the written word and started writing, I’ve always enjoyed the art. But to be completely honest with you I didn’t just continue in the love affair with writing because I enjoyed it, there are some awesome reasons why I still write. 714 more words