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Three Educated Roadcrossers

They appeared to have just closed from work. The 5ft4 lady standing in the middle of the three friends, holding her handbag on its sling in between her legs, looked left and then painstakingly looked right, mimicking the demeanor of ladies in the corporate world. 859 more words


Yogatic Reflection

08th January 2016 — 0337am

I decided against doing CIZE and instead went for the Pilates/yoga route. Partially because it was the middle of the night, and partially because I needed something to wind me down and not fire me up. 390 more words


The one mind-set element you need to always win at the end

Successes and failures

Life’s full of ups and downs; pits and peaks; hills and valleys.

Everyday life presents you with a different set of circumstances. 397 more words


2016 A New Year - Here's my article

It is a New Year.

It’s 2016.

Everybody out there is busy wishing. Wishing that 2016 goes successfully, that they get this and that and other cool stuff. 181 more words



There has been so much talk about setting goals and how it helps improve your productivity. Now that the New Year is in it seems like a really nice time and thing to do. 621 more words


#purposeseries 02

” Purpose takes less of us to give more to us ”
Every product has its price tag according to its value. 142 more words


#purposeseries 01

” Most times the interplay of purpose puts a hugh consternation to human imagination ”
It summons confusion baits cynics and aggravates criticism,yet drives to its destination. 50 more words