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They sent them to spy out the land; where the warriors there are super armoured. They came back and tendered their reports. The reports made their fear grew with wings. 209 more words



I have something to share with you. On Saturday, I was inside the studio with Rita Omovbude when a guy right there with us gave a lady some bottles of drink to help dispose and help get another ones, thinking she is the cleaner/messenger. 328 more words


Value or Money?

So I haven’t written for some time now. Ok…
After a heavy fatty meal one afternoon, treading the streets, an intelligent question dropped on the foyer of my mind. 333 more words


Do Yourself A Favor - Take Responsibility 

There are days when you plan and even work towards a goal but end up failing. Plans fail and targets go beyond your reach. On such days, it is how you respond to these failures that determines whether or not you succeed at the end. 360 more words


Tough Times Don't Last

In recent times, due to the economy crisis some individual have find it challenging as regards to getting what they want, be it finance, having the love and care they need from family and friends. 239 more words

Stay Motivated Series

Five Dangerous things dulling your creative muscles

In a bid to stay ahead of our targets we plan and work daily. We stretch our creative muscles to their limits coming up solutions along the way. 545 more words


Productivity Hack: Do What Really Matters

I’ve said it many times that an average human being has more than s/he can handle every day. These overwhelm the ability to hit targets. 343 more words