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​Nine Plus one Attributes You Need to Succeed Today

To unlock any door you must have its key. You must possess the required skills before you can effectively function at any job. So also with success, to attain true success you must know and imbibe some mindset elements. 771 more words


My V-Bac Experience

Let me start by saying that I did not choose to have a V-bac to be “more of a woman”, or to fulfil some right of passage that is bestowed upon all women, because to be honest, in my opinion, that is a load of rubbish. 1,269 more words


Fitness is one the lifestyle of the 21st century

It is an art of being in good shape and eating healthy.
Working out with consistency is important for achieving fitness results. 477 more words


What Writing Truly Entails 

Tons of people today especially aspiring writers are constantly on the lookout for what works as regards the writing craft. They seek what they should do to become writers. 253 more words



Inspirational Musings is a book of fifty-two seemingly unrelated chapters all of which, however, constitute a wholesome dose. You begin to feel the potency of the book from the ‘Introduction’, at which point you cannot help but make up your mind to finish the book as soon as possible rather than stick to the author’s prescription that you read one chapter a week which should see you reading the 52nd chapter at the last week of the year. 407 more words

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They dont care!

You said….

I ‘ m hurting , feel like drowning , having suicidal thoughts
I ‘m tired of everything
They wont help me… 283 more words


How to Convert Your Goals into Results 

For a very long time I’d been a victim to failed goals. I’d set them and work tirelessly towards them but while I get to have a few wins most times I lose out. 271 more words