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Tough Times Don't Last

In recent times, due to the economy crisis some individual have find it challenging as regards to getting what they want, be it finance, having the love and care they need from family and friends. 239 more words

Stay Motivated

Five Dangerous things dulling your creative muscles

In a bid to stay ahead of our targets we plan and work daily. We stretch our creative muscles to their limits coming up solutions along the way. 510 more words


Productivity Hack: Do What Really Matters

I’ve said it many times that an average human being has more than s/he can handle every day. These overwhelm the ability to hit targets. 343 more words



He is not a perfect guy; but he is exactly what she needs.He is not the best looking guy around, but his personality makes him a handsome person to her. 223 more words


Respect Beget Respect!

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now, but I haven’t felt the fervour urge to do so.
But a particular event triggered this. 1,020 more words



​’Let them know the other side of you, which is not the conventional smiling, joking,happy,fun to be with,friend they know..Let them see the angry,annoying, nasty you,don’t apologize,just watch and see if they will still stay with you’

34 more words

The Sheep-Lion

​The Lion said and I quote:’No matter the economy of the jungle, I cannot eat grass’

But I’ve seen people in my generation who are bigger,better,more fierce than the lion,fearfully,intimidatingly,audaciously and tenaciously made,people who claim to carry the ‘Lion of the Tribe of Judah’, on their inside,stoop so low as to become mediocre of life,objects of scorn,generational bundles of shame and failure, ancient monuments of disregard and cowardice,paraded victims of the ‘economy’,constant customers/eaters of the crumbs that fall from the table of the ‘big few.’ 102 more words