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Live It Well [Dream Series – Chapter 5]

What do we do, when our inner values and our daily actions are not in alignment?

Our spirit has funny way of reminding us that we may be able to fool any body most of the time, and at times, maybe we can even fool ourselves. 204 more words


September Goals

Our September Goals:

1. Cook at home at least 3 times a week. Cooking at home will save us money + will allow us to control everything we put into our bodies. 139 more words


Pretty Girls Smile

There’s nothing more aluring about a girl than her confident smile. Constantly being a happy woman can be difficult these days because we live in a world full of competition. 377 more words


Top 7 Tasks To Do Before 9am

Let’s face it, sleeping in is a must from time to time. However, it creates a better feeling of accomplishment after getting morning tasks done early. 612 more words


Our August Goals

Currently, we are already more than halfway done with 2017, and we “can’t even” tell you what our New Year’s resolutions were in January. So, we are going to write + pursue new ones in August to motivate ourselves + kick start the busy holiday months to come! 289 more words


Big Changes At Work– Threat Or Opportunity?

Your CEO resigned, then a couple of Department Heads left and now you hear rumours that your boss has resigned. Are you in a panic or looking for the opportunities? 994 more words


What to Expect from Spin Class

With being athletes most of our lives, working out at a gym became part of our daily routine. Even though on some days the most difficult part was getting there, we managed to push each other to go. 614 more words