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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing queens out there taking care of their babes and slaying every day!

Top 8 Fantasy and SciFi Moms… 8 more words



There is one thing that is annexed to use as a person or as an individual and that is time. But it is so unfortunate that we don’t have the capacity to pause it while we try to get some things done. 315 more words


In Real

There comes a time,

when nothing but everything overcomes in your mind,

all what’s left is nothing but the dilemma,

the same dilemma either pushes you up or take you down, 128 more words


Living with HONOUR

Honour is to live with dignity, but honourable is to be worthy of respect. And that involves a sense of human dignity. In order to live with dignity we need to have a sense of: 168 more words


I'm Not Done

It’s not over yet, is it?

I’m not done.  Mostly because I haven’t really started yet.  The journey till now has been all that I… 133 more words


10X your life !!!

So lately I have been struggling a little bit with procrastination and my work ethic. Not saying I don’t ever work hard but i’ve mainly just been confused with a lot of the steps that I’m taking and the direction that I want to go in. 377 more words


Back from Break

Vacationing is always amazing, no stress, no obligations, sometimes I just hide my phone for a couple of days to relieve myself of the constant everlasting connection that I have with it. 232 more words