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Ask "WHY?" four times ....

Years ago the presenter at a professional conference gave me a word of wisdom which has made it much easier, ever since then, to understand and assess problems, events, trends or whatever, and to make informed decisions. 532 more words


Group Dynamics at the Gaming Table

Here’s a special guest post by Matthew Surber, inspired by a weekend-long gaming and BS session my friends and I had not too long ago.

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Campaign Design


Yet another port from Dungeon World are character features. Features are a quick way to add a distinctive flair to your character’s appearance and perhaps mannerisms. 558 more words

Edge Of The Empire


Another useful game element ported over from the *World series of roleplaying games, Bonds help your Star Wars roleplaying characters, of any system, form a more cohesive and meaningful team. 780 more words

Edge Of The Empire

Motivation & Experience

Gaining new power and abilities through accumulating experience points and raising in level is perhaps the oldest form of motivation and meaningful progress evident in roleplaying games. 571 more words

Campaign Design

I don't want to do it.

“Can you ask direction from someone?”,

         “There will a talk being held tomorrow,can you become the speaker?,

               ”Can you help me?”

NO.That’s the answer for all of the questions.Despite knowing it can benefit us,we still… 212 more words


Be proud when you fail as it helps you to be successful.