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Free Formulae Handbook for Design Engineers from Maxon Motor

This comprehensive handbook with illustrations and descriptions, contains formulas, terms, and explanations for the calculations concerning drive systems.  It makes use of a flow chart that supports quick selection of the correct drive.   42 more words

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Science of the Sixth Sense (And Other Superstitions)

Another article on Reddit caught my eye today (I know, I spend too much time on there). The results of this study probably confirm what most people already know to be true – compared to driving with your full attention on the road, or being distracted with emotional or taxing cognitive questions, texting results in significantly greater dangerous driving incidents. 1,018 more words

CANopen Motor Controllers for Electric Mobility and Vehicular Applications

The DVC series motor controllers from Advanced Motion Controls are digital four-quadrant servo drives purpose-designed and built to operate today’s modern mobile electric vehicular platforms.  Providing high power from battery supplies, the DVC series features a compact design, IP65 construction and multiple operating modes for controlling either permanent magnet brushed or brushless motors.   229 more words

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You're Doing It Wrong: The Relationship Between Breathing & Stability

There’s a reason I am always reminding you to breathe.

Often times when I see people come into the rehab clinic expressing difficulty in movement whether they can’t squat deeply, touch their toes, experience pain etc., the findings simply don’t add up. 1,260 more words


Using VREP for simulation of force-controlled models

I’ve been playing around a bit with different simulators, and one that we’re a big fan of in the lab is VREP. It’s free for academics and you can talk to them about licences if you’re looking for commercial use. 1,900 more words

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Deep learning for control using augmented Hessian-free optimization

Traditionally, deep learning is applied to feed-forward tasks, like classification, where the output of the network doesn’t affect the input to the network. It is a decidedly harder problem when the output is recurrently connected such that network output affects the input. 4,232 more words

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