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Movement Chauvinism

I was clicking around the internet and stumbled upon this video. I’m starting to delve into motor control studies this week, and thought it rather timely. 99 more words


As mentioned in my previous blog a common example of neural adaptation is learning.
In novel motor skill acquisition cortical neuroplastic changes are frequently associated with an advantageous change such as an increase in motor performance.

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Check your feet! 

Motor control check!
Try this:
Standing or seated with your feet on the floor (no shoes!).. Lift ONLY your big toes up. Once you have that, try and raise each consecutive toe up. 107 more words


The bigger picture: Pain and Cortical Change

Neuroplasticity has been defined as “the ability of the nervous system to respond to intrinsic and extrinsic stimuli by reorganising its structure, function and connections” (Cramer 2010) 1,386 more words

Linear-Quadratic Regulation for non-linear systems using finite differences

One of the standard controllers in basic control theory is the linear-quadratic regulator (LQR). There is a finite-horizon case (where you have a limited amount of time), and an infinite-horizon case (where you don’t); in this post, for simplicity, we’re only going to be dealing with the infinite-horizon case. 1,458 more words

Motor Control

A re-blog - Motor Control in Autism

I have long said that children who remain non-verbal or minimally verbal after the age of 5 struggle with verbal communication not because of a social or language deficit, but because of a motor deficit.   64 more words

Non-verbal Communication

Setting up an arm simulation interface in Nengo 2

I got an email the other day asking about how to set up an arm controller in Nengo, where they had been working from the Spaun code to strip away things until they had just the motor portion left they could play with. 453 more words

Motor Control