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How to Calculate RMS Torque

Guest contributor: Hurley Gill, Kollmorgen

Question: How do I calculate RMS (Root Mean Square) Torque for a given axis motion profile in my application?

Answer:  Let’s take a look at the Root Mean Square (RMS) Torque and why it is important. 330 more words

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YouTube Channel Update

Evening, folks! After surviving another Tuesday throw-down of Daddy Daycare at the Cummings’ Family Fitness Center, complete with some backyard antics, the warm-weather has us eagerly anticipating the start of another baseball season. 124 more words

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Brain areas responsible for motor behavior might represent therapeutic targets for bipolar disorder

Indiana University conducted a study to see how motor control can effect postural control and affect areas of the brain that have to do with psychiatric disorders such as bipolar and schizophrenia. 26 more words

YouTube Help for Runner's Knee

Hey Folks! Voice (just about) fully restored, we’re back on the Restore/Thrive YouTube Channel with some tips for fixing that hot, steaming, dreadful Runner’s Knee Pain. 33 more words

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Beven Livingston

Title: Associate Professor

Company: University of North Florida

Location: Jacksonville, FL

JACKSONVILLE, FL, January 18, 2017, Beven Livingston, Associate Professor of the University of North Florida, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in higher education. 221 more words


Consistency Of Task Outcome And The Degrees Of Freedom Problem-The Brain Is Potentially Not A Micro-Manager When Providing Solutions To Complex Problems

Part of the reason I enjoy cycling as my chosen sport now I am older is not just because it is beneficial from a health perspective, but because the apparent regularity of the rhythmical circular movement required for pedalling creates a sense of peace in me and paradoxically allows my mind to wander a bit away from its routine and usually work-focussed and life task orientated thoughts. 2,551 more words


Are You Ready to Run? Part VIII

How much time do you spend paying attention to your feet and ankles? As a runner, do you look at your feet and ankles like bad dogs that you discipline with arch supports, stability shoes, NSAID’s, pain-killers, and ice? 930 more words

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