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No Brain, No Gain

First comes the breath, then comes movement. Movement, like driving, is all about getting from point A to point B.

Remember what it was like for you when you first learned how to drive. 531 more words

Wasting Mobility

Last time we ventured into a scary realm: discovering time wasted on our phones.
This time we continue our venture into another area wasting our time: the gym. 718 more words

Time Management

Moving from the Inside, Out - Experiencing Anatomy through Movement

Next time your yoga teacher asks you to “rest” in that Down Dog for just a few more breaths, look around you – no two Down Dogs are quite the same. 2,218 more words


Update to First Robot

After making my first robot, I decided that it isn’t all that interesting. Sure, I could have refined the use of the ultrasonic sensor, but I wanted to go a bit bigger. 652 more words


Building a spiking neural model of adaptive arm control

About a year ago I published the work from my thesis in a paper called ‘A spiking neural model of adaptive arm control’. In this paper I presented the Recurrent Error-driven Adaptive Control Hierarchy (REACH) model. 4,627 more words

Motor Control

Motor box update

We are asking all Scanbox users to update to the latest version of Scanbox which incorporates important updates to the motor box code, including:

  1. Update of the Trinamic firmware…
  2. 345 more words