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Using VREP for simulation of force-controlled models

I’ve been playing around a bit with different simulators, and one that we’re a big fan of in the lab is VREP. It’s free for academics and you can talk to them about licences if you’re looking for commercial use. 1,900 more words

Motor Control

Deep learning for control using augmented Hessian-free optimization

Traditionally, deep learning is applied to feed-forward tasks, like classification, where the output of the network doesn’t affect the input to the network. It is a decidedly harder problem when the output is recurrently connected such that network output affects the input. 4,232 more words

Motor Control

Live Webinar April 7 -Control Schemes for Dealing with Nonlinear Mechanics

There are many challenges when designing a motion control system. One challenge that can overwhelm many engineers is nonlinear mechanics. These mechanics can make tuning a motion control system difficult. 195 more words


Bullet Points and a Brew 3/7/16

Here’s one of the things I’m going to try and do semi regularly. To start the week off, I’ll share a few articles that I’ve recently enjoyed and will finish the post by reviewing a beer. 392 more words

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Simultaneous perturbation vs finite differences for linear dynamics estimation and control signal optimization

Recently in my posts I’ve been using finite differences to approximate the gradient of loss functions and dynamical systems, with the intention of creating generalizable controllers that can be run on any system without having to calculate out derivatives beforehand. 2,785 more words

Motor Control

Anti-Cogging Algorithm Brings Out the Best in your Hobby Brushless Motors

Cheap, brushless motors may be the workhorses behind our RC planes and quadcopters these days, but we’ve never seen them  in any application that requires low-speed precision. 278 more words


Homunculus II

Now, doesn’t that sound like the name of a really bad horror movie sequel? Au contraire. Yesterday I wrote about the 16th century concept that a man’s sperm consisted of microscopic fully-formed humans. 208 more words