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Square D Model 4 MCC: Replace, Repair, Recondition or Retrofit

Square D Model 4 MCC

Rebuilt Motor Control Center retrofits have new components so your MCCs have new technology, avoiding replacement of the complete MCC.

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MCC - Motor Control

More on Motion Control and DSP

Introduction to the TMSLF2407 DSP Controller.

The Texas Instruments TMS320LF2407 DSP Controller referred to as the LF2407 in this article is a programmable digital controller with a C2xx DSP CPU as the core processor. 1,605 more words

Digital Signal Processsing

Building a Dyno, Part 4 – Closed-loop Current Regulation

  • Updated 8/31

Ok, so it took me quite a few hours this past weekend to get the cabling straight.  I had some issues with the control/power board gate logic circuitry.   1,000 more words

Power Electronics

Building Dyno, Part 3 - What has been happening?

Updates: 8/4, 8/5, 8/6, 8/7

Topics:  Control platform selection, power stage selection & modification, and the onboarding process :)

Below– my future home dyno setup in progress. 748 more words

Power Electronics

The Integrated Model of Function

The integrated model of function has four components – three that are physical and one that is psychological

  1. form closure (structure),
  2. force closure (forces produced by myofascial action) and…
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Force Closure

science news

I have not had much energy for writing the past week; I will say that I have SAD-st, that is seasonal affective disorder-summertime type.  The DSM, the psychiatric diagnostic manual, has SAD-winter time for those who are affected by the lack of sunlight, but nothing for those of us affected by high heat, humidity, and long days.   479 more words

Operational space control of 6DOF robot arm with spiking cameras part 3: Tracking a target using spiking cameras

Alright. Previously we got our arm all set up to perform operational space control, accepting commands through Python. In this post we’re going to set it up with a set of spiking cameras for eyes, train it to learn the mapping between camera coordinates and end-effector coordinates, and have it track an LED target. 2,255 more words

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