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Roomba Now Able to Hunt Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ever since the Roomba was invented, humanity has been one step closer to a Jetsons-style future with robots performing all of our tedious tasks for us. 213 more words

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Your Sport is Unique..Just Like Every Other Sport

It’s so common. Everyone is looking for the next “X”-specific training program. “I’m looking for a climbing/basketball/baseball/etc. specific strength routine.” “Oh, I don’t squat. I’m on a marathon preparation training program.” The examples are endless. 1,304 more words

Using SymPy's lambdify for generating transform matrices and Jacobians

I’ve been working in VREP with some of their different robot models and testing out force control, and one of the things that becomes pretty important for efficient workflow is to have a streamlined method for setting up the transform matrices and calculating the Jacobians for different robots. 3,401 more words

Motor Control

Standing waves in PWM motor drives and their effect on the actuator control.

The inverter of the PWM drives does not produce sinusoidal output voltage waveforms; instead, it generates a continuous train of pulses which are transmitted to the motor terminals via the motor cable. 471 more words



From: Currents Newsletter from May/June 2008
John Klepec, Drives/Motion Control Products Specialist
john.klepec@winkle.com / 330-747-0809

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What Confucius Would Say About Lifting.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have seen that I have began some of my posts with a certain quote that I find relevant to the content I intend to share. 531 more words

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TB6612 Update - Does It Need Diodes?

Several months ago I wrote a post about a breakout board for the TB6612 motor driver.  You can find that here.  The reason I made my own breakout board for this was that the ones available from Sparkfun, Adafruit, and Digikey didn’t have diodes on the board.   454 more words