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Are You Ready to Run? Part II

Today starts our 12-point systems check of your physical and lifestyle practices as we ensure you, dear reader, are actually Ready to Run. 1,214 more words

Human Movement

Full body obstacle collision avoidance

Previously I’ve discussed how to avoid obstacles using DMPs in the end-effector trajectory. This is good when you’re controlling a single disconnected point-mass, like a mobile robot navigating around an environment. 2,929 more words

Motor Control

Velocity limiting in operational space control

Recently, I was reading through an older paper on effective operational space control, talking specifically point to point control in operational space. The paper mentioned that even if you have a perfect model of the system, you’re going to run into trouble if you use just a basic PD formula to define your control signal in operational space: 1,106 more words

Motor Control

15ns Comparator in a Digital Signal Microcontroller – Development Board

This is a no-frills dev board for Microchip’s dsPIC33EP64GS506. Right now it’s the only dev board for the GS family, which is why I made it. 171 more words


Sub-Microsecond, High Current H-Bridge

  • < 1µs between signal and response
  • 30V
  • 80A
  • Thick traces of 2 oz copper
  • Self-powered or externally-powered
  • When self-powered, can supply a few hundred mA for other circuits
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New DMC-500x0 EtherCAT Master Multi-Axis Motion Controller from Galil Motion Control

The DMC-500×0 EtherCAT Controller is Galil Motion Control’s newest entry in its latest generation of digital motion controllers.  Incorporating all of the features of our flagship Accelera series controller and designed with compatibility and flexibility in mind, the DMC-500×0 allows integration of remote EtherCAT drives into new and existing applications with just a handful of configuration commands.   141 more words

New Products

Galil White Paper: Advanced Applications of Electronic Gearing

Part 1 of 3: Tension Control on Spindle Wheel


Electronic gearing in motion control allows for a slave axis to follow a master axis with a programatically set gear ratio.   79 more words