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"This ain't no technological breakdown... oh no, this is the road to...."

A therapy and cure!!

This is my May 2017 Research Opinion Update, and contains news! Since my January post, the FDA in the USA, on Friday 5th May, has approved the first new drug in over 22 years for MND/ALS, Edaravone! 1,840 more words


The Strange Light From MND

To be diagnosed with MND, you must have really, really bad luck. That’s all we really know so far. Nobody can tell us what causes it. 717 more words


Reflection: The use of substitutes and archetypes when representing subjects

Yesterday I posted a video about Motor Neurone Disease (MND). I did  not say much about why at that point, simply because I had not yet defined boundaries with someone I know who has a diagnosis. 2,224 more words

Project 1 Reflection And Research

The First Turn of the Spiral

For me, time has always been cyclical. Perhaps that’s part of being an historian. Perhaps it’s my pleasure in patterns and routines. Time goes round and, although spiralling, when looking at it parallel to the spiral it seems to meet. 782 more words


Dummy run!

Onein400 here!

What has been going on in the dark and often mysterious world of onein400? 1,054 more words


Dying Matters Week

Dying matters. It’s painful. It’s daunting. I don’t want to face it. Nobody does.

As it is Dying Matters Week, let me tell you about the most difficult part of my weekend: 592 more words


Soaring High

Mum’s happiness is the most important thing in the world to us now, and a weekend of laughter is the perfect tonic.

Making every day count isn’t about making every day big. 773 more words