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#46 Go on a motorbike tour through Doi Phu Kha national park

Renting a motorbike in Thailand is easy and cheap and it’s the best way to explore the villages and local sights. The most popular route is the Mae Hong Son loop, but this national park near Nan also offers windy mountain roads with beautiful views and little traffic.


Kratie, Cambodia - dolphins, Mr Lucky and a minivan

My adventure in Kratie started at the bus station in Phnom Penh at 7am. The guy who organised my ticket said that it was a four-hour journey. 2,727 more words


Paradise Cave: Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Paradise Cave was discovered in 2005, and have now taken over in popularity the better known Phong Nha Caves that are announced by a huge sign on one of the hills outside the town of Phong Nha. 758 more words

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Vietnam: Photos I Wanted to Include (the first 14 days)

One of the challenges with keeping a blog that include pictures is deciding which ones to use. Which ones will appeal, which ones appeal to me, and of course can I recall why I took a specific photo in the first place. 433 more words

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Vietnam Motorbike Tour: Day Ten

Amazing! After ten days we arrived at Hoi An where my intrepid driver/guide/new friend dropped my off at the hotel I had chosen and where I would meet my daughter who had flown in the previous day. 538 more words

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Vietnam Motorbike Tour: Day 9

Well, we were nearing the end and I was beginning to wonder what else I could possibly be shown to make me amazed, sad, surprised, or maybe angry. 902 more words

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Vietnam Motorbike Tour: Day 5

Lions, Dragons and Buddhas, oh my! As already mentioned, I saw a lot of lion dances. There were more as we left Da Lat and headed towards another mountain. 926 more words

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