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Nuremberg was another destination that (admittedly) we chose partly because of it’s convenient location – a comfortable days drive from Munich – as well as its historical significance. 963 more words

Liechtenstein, Frastanz and Feldkirch

Liechtenstein is a really tiny country sandwiched between Switzerland on the west and Austria on the east. It’s approximately 25km long and 12km wide and, spread along a valley, the whole country can be seen from the top of the mountains surrounding it. 519 more words


One of my colleagues in Italy had told me that Innsbruck is a city surrounded by mountains and how right they were. We arrived in the evening and as it was going dark we couldn’t quite take in where we were until the next day. 947 more words


Sondrio is a small town in the mountains close to the Swiss border. We chose this place to stay as we’ve heard that this area is beautiful and also, it was a good half way point between Milan and Liechtenstein  – one of highlights of this trip for me, just because its so unknown. 460 more words

Milan to Sondrio

This journey was one I was particularly looking forward to… travelling from Milan to Sondrio took us past Lecco and the mountains which I know are spectacular. 207 more words


At the start of this year I spent 2 months working in Milan as an English teacher. During this time I made some friends and (as I had a bicycle) got to know the city really well. 614 more words

Tên Loài Hoa Tam Giác Mạch Có Từ Đâu....?

Truyền thuyết kể rằng, xưa kia, khi loài người mới được sinh ra, thượng đế đã hạ lệnh cho hai nàng Tiên Gạo và nàng Tiên Ngô đi gieo hạt nơi hạ giới. 736 more words

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