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Under the Stars...

I just hate waking up inside a box. My day seems to begin with obvious and tangible limitations, with boundaries. The linear closes in on me before my spirit even has a chance to soar into the new day. 882 more words

Motorcycle Camping And Living Free

The Wild Hogs of Texas

“I wouldn’t go up 93” drawled the Texas sheriff. “Them wild hogs out there make it right dangerous for folks on motorcycles.” I nodded politely, thanking him for the information, while thinking ‘hell, ain’t no stoopid ole hogs gonna scare… 1,577 more words

Material Possessions

Most material possessions and accumulations are superfluous; mere ‘things’ we must cart around with us, store, care for, guard and protect. Few enrich our lives, even fewer actuate or allow us to live better or simpler lives. 648 more words

Motorcycle Camping And Living Free

The Halfway Point (or...On Turning Back)

When I go out on a ride (especially a long one), there is a part of me that is calculating the amount of gas required to get back to Colorado, back…home. 733 more words

Motorcycle Camping And Living Free

It's Still Summer (Don't Put Those Bikes Away Yet!)

Summer ain’t over yet! While the morning camps may be colder, there is still plenty of riding and dancing and loving to be done. Don’t put that bike away yet! 360 more words

Riding Wild

The Box People

As I lived a life without a ‘home’ or a fixed address, I noticed a few things about many of the ‘housed’ (as opposed to ‘homeless’) people: 1,513 more words

Riding Wild

Out into the Burning World...

I find myself with ten minutes to write, as my phone charges. After that, I’ll roll back onto the road. Roll into the burning world… 301 more words

Motorcycle Camping And Living Free