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Fred Astaire

What in the world does he have to do with riding a motorcycle? Everything. A legendary dancer and choreographer. A motorcycle rider? I don’t know, but his view of dancing fits perfectly with riding a motorcycle. 270 more words

The Blind leading the Blind

As a professional motorcycle riding coach I work with all types and styles of riders. There are those that are scared of the streets, those that aren’t quite sure if they should be riding a motorcycle at all and those that have more ego than ability. 394 more words

Why be a Coach??

That’s an easy question to answer. ¬†Taking a life of experience in all types of motorcycling, a love of what you do (ride motorcycles) then taking that passion, love and the skills you have learned along the way to others who share or want to share that same love of riding. 355 more words

Adjust, don't React

The “Oh Crap” moment. We have all had them. The sand or gravel in the road as we come around a corner, a painted line on the street in wet weather (slippery than anything!), the looking at beautiful scenery and not seeing the turn in front of you, the dreaded car turning left in front of you…the list goes on. 471 more words

Woah Nellie Belle

Stop, stop, stop…Holy crap!!!¬†

Learning to use your brakes , and I mean REALLY LEARN takes practice. In our coaching sessions we work on braking skills a lot. 477 more words

The Ability to Control

The ability to control your motorcycle gives you freedom from fear.
We work with riders of all skill levels and on a wide variety of motorcycles. 318 more words

Lessons and Licence - Inching Closer to a Dream

It has been quite a while since I last posted on this blog, however my dreams are getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. Today I booked my motorcycle safety course with the guys over at… 334 more words