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On the day the world record was smashed for the largest all female bike meet at the world famous Ace Café in London I decided to start my own blog. 971 more words


Tips to Ride Motorcycle in Cold Weather

Riding motorcycle in cold weather needs extra effort with extra preparation. You need to gear up and face the cold waves bravely. Here, we are sharing some great tips to combat the cold while riding motorcycle in chilly cold conditions. 460 more words

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Wear Helmets For Safe your Life

When you look into these arguments more deeply, you’ll realize that they are full of loopholes. Motorcycle helmets may not be able to protect you from all injuries, but they can reduce the seriousness of damages by almost 70%. 293 more words

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Need To be Learn Motorcycle Training Program in West Babylon

Riding can be so thrilling and exciting that, sometimes, people forget the inherent dangers of it. The numbers paint a grim picture of these risks. According to statistics, there were around 5,900 motorbike crash incidents in New York in 2012 alone. 241 more words

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What Can a Rider Learn at a Motorcycle Course?

Motorcycle training schools have rider courses that simulate every single situation that a rider may encounter in their future travels. These include terrain, traffic laws, and maneuvering around boundaries. 263 more words

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Over the years, there have been numerous debates about the life-saving capabilities of motorcycle helmets. Some claim that they may aggravate injuries, while others say that they are practically unnecessary, as riders get injured in different ways. 332 more words

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How to Learn Best Motorcycle Training West Babylon

Riding a motorcycle is significantly different from driving a vehicle with four wheels. It gives riders more freedom when it comes to moving around on the road. 299 more words

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