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All current and former U.S. Military personnel can learn to ride for free with H-D™ Riding Academy!

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Motorcycle Training Courses

It’s spring and time to think about “Kick Stands Up”. When the sun is shining and the days get longer the call to ride the open road gets louder. 205 more words

Experience The Ultimate Riding Adventure With MTOHP

There is a lot distinctive bike riding schools around the world. The basic aim of all training schools is to guide you in riding skills so that you to roam freely everywhere. 256 more words

Bike Riding Classes Toronto

Best Considerations in Choosing a Motorcycle Training Centre

In recent years the roads of Victoria, particularly near Melbourne, have become more and more congested. Hence, it’s easy to understand why lots of Victorians are looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle. 550 more words

Motor Bike Courses

Motorcycle Safety Training

It’s common practice to experience your first ride in a parking lot, but taking a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course is a better way to prepare yourself for the most amazing experience warmer weather offers! 52 more words


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Motorcycle Training

Tuesday Trials - Instructor's Diary

Being a Motorcycle Safety Instructor is not easy. 
Sure most of you out here think riding is simply about controls and manoeuvres.

Add a lot of mental processing, hand holding,  morale boosting, pep talks, reality checks, dragon (resistance) fights, a bit of counselling ……Everyone is teachable , though it often involves clearing one’s mind , , signing up empty, ready to learn. 115 more words