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My Learn to Ride Experience

I was first exposed to two-wheels at a young age. My dad worked in the motorcycle industry and rode a Harley. He would take my sisters and I for rides, and I seem to recall the family rule was we had to be 6 years old – there is no law in Canada that states a minimum age to be a passenger.  303 more words

Bill Sink Coach Training

Bill Sink is the motorcycle track day coach. Years of teaching safe motorcycle riding techniques is now available to you at Evolve GT. Trained in many disciplines such as Yamaha Champions Riding School, Freddie Spencer School and running safe track day organizations for over a decade. 11 more words

Yamaha Champions Riding School

Whats holding you back?

Whats holding you back from feeling in control? Holding you back from being confident in situations? Holding you back from getting outside your comfort zone? Holding you back from having as much fun as you can on your motorcycle? 886 more words

Evolve GT at New York Safety Track Memorial Day 2016 motorcycle track days

Evolve GT at New York Safety Track Memorial Day 2016. Baaaaam! Bill Sink and Brett Baker in the house with many others of the Dream Team! 84 more words

Motorcycle Track Days

My Friend says I'm ready


Over the years as a Motorcycle Coach I have heard this all too often. A new rider gets out of the MSF course, gets a motorcycle (often times the one the boyfriend / husband / best friend wants for themselves), maybe takes one more class and is ready to head off into the sunset. 601 more words

Changing the way you think about motorcycle training

So, the other day I was talking to a friend and he was telling me all about how grueling the workout was with his trainer at the gym the day before and how much he had to work on before he saw him again. 741 more words

Motorcycle Coaching

Press left – lean left – go left

Your object-avoidance techniques for a car are the opposite for a motorcycle.


 If the overall mass of the rider and bike is not first leaned into the turn, achieved by the counterintuitive process of counter steering, the inertia of the rider and bike will cause them to continue in a straight line. 1,635 more words

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