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Motorcycle Misadventures: Anxiety in the Alps

I never realized there could be a fear of feeling small, but as I was riding my light, barely-larger-than-a-moped, 1970s motorcycle through the towering, colossal Alp Mountain Range, my anxiety was rising. 451 more words

The Scary Bridge

Perhaps you’ve heard my story about crossing the troll bridge when I was young. I’ve shared it many times when speaking, and it’s including in… 399 more words


Bikers Shoe Protector

Komine Full cover shoe protector:

Protect your shoes and boots from getting worn out due to the gear shift.

High grade flexible material used.
Strong band holds for a good fit and tight grip. 51 more words

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Goodbye 2016

Facebook has been showing me the yearly review video, I’ve been seeing bloggers recounting their 2016 experiences in blogosphere, so I thought I should recount the highlights of my 2016 as well! 1,338 more words


Deer in the Headlight

Picture this-it is early morning on a twisty country road along the mighty Mississippi River. The sun is just beginning to rise, pink light playing on the leaves. 1,002 more words

Breast Cancer

God Has Been Watching Over Me~Part 2

A Slice of Life

Bill Lites

One day on my way to school, the traffic around the school was hectic and I tried to go around an older car that was double parked. 576 more words

Bill Lites A Slice Of Life- Wednesday

Three days on Croatian island Dugi Otok

After much search and planning, we had decided to spend 3 days of our motorcycle trip across South Eastern Europe in Croatia’s Dugi Otok (Croatian for ‘Long Island’) island this past summer. 1,094 more words

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