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Save Money on Your Motorcycle Trips by Following These Fuel Saving Tips

Fuel efficiency for your motorcycle may seem to be less important for the fact that most motorbikes don’t really consume much fuel compared to cars. However, saving fuel may be very helpful. 164 more words

Cape Town > Namibia

After traveling for many long and cold days through the desolate wide open expanse of the Karoo I was ready to take it easy for a few days in and around Cape Town before continuing on my journey to Namibia. 577 more words

2500 Mile Trip to Austin MotoGP: Part 1

2500 miles. This seems like a tall order for 4 total days of riding. The most miles that I have done in one day has been 500 so this trip would be pushing the bar for the most miles traveled during one day, one trip, AND one round trip. 598 more words


Road to Valhalla - Episodes 1, 2 & 3

A couple of years ago, before heading to the Alps, Slovenia and Croatia on our 2013 Trip I found and shared some videos by a crew of crazy Supermoto riders who followed a similar route to ours. 58 more words

Motorcycle Touring


For the longest time I was unsure whether or not I would even go to Lesotho . Between talks of the terrible roads, lack of petrol and freezing cold (cold I had already felt on my Drakensberg hike) I was a little reluctant to enter this little country awkwardly located entirely within South Africa. 820 more words

Into the Dragon

Since leaving Bloemfontein 10 days ago I have been spending my days amongst the magnificent mountains of the Drakensberg. Drakensberg translates to ‘Dragon Mountains’ in Afrikaans and while in such grand scenery spotting a dragon seems as if it would be a fitting sight to see. 424 more words