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A Monsoon Roadtrip: Mussoorie & Beyond

What do you do when your life is as monotonous as the shade of the white paint on your walls, and then you see a holiday that could extend your weekend without having to go to your boss’s chamber and without you having to entertain him with the usual antics? 2,389 more words



I turned onto the Tioga Pass Road and started the climb into Yosemite National Park. Winding up the hills, the podcast I was listening to had just the right mood setting music. 620 more words

Area 51, Aliens, Missed Photo Ops.

I woke up pretty early in St. George, despite all the fireworks which went long into the night, and packed up for what I envisioned as being a pretty long day. 1,095 more words

Day 6: Santa Barbara

I think this one will be a short one, and for the obvious reason that I don’t feel the need to fill up this entire page with ranting. 553 more words

Black Forest Riders - Trip to Breckenridge (Part 1)

On Saturday, July 16, the Black Forest Riders took a trip up to Breckenridge, Colorado! It was a great day, packed with fun and a little side adventure along the way. 363 more words


Sunscreen, Pies, Canyons, Rain, And Heat

I awoke early in Cameron but with no clear idea of what time it actually was, because the Navajo Nation follows Daylight Saving Time and Arizona doesn’t, or maybe it’s the other way around. 655 more words

Monument Valley

I left Moab after lunch and getting my laundry, which I had dropped off the night before. It was pushing 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and kitted up it was a hot day, the first hot one of many to come. 490 more words