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For the longest time I was unsure whether or not I would even go to Lesotho . Between talks of the terrible roads, lack of petrol and freezing cold (cold I had already felt on my Drakensberg hike) I was a little reluctant to enter this little country awkwardly located entirely within South Africa. 820 more words

Into the Dragon

Since leaving Bloemfontein 10 days ago I have been spending my days amongst the magnificent mountains of the Drakensberg. Drakensberg translates to ‘Dragon Mountains’ in Afrikaans and while in such grand scenery spotting a dragon seems as if it would be a fitting sight to see. 424 more words

Winter finally, finally winds down...

2014 was quite a year for me. I got in my first really good long motorcycle trip (which, for all the shite weather, was still better than Halifax – Boston – Toronto in early April 2013!), got a new job (with a salary, something new and novel for me!), make a triumphant return to Central Europe, and it was just mostly a good (if perhaps expensive) year. 455 more words

Call Me the Moth Whisperer!

It may not be the safest thing, but I absolutely love night riding. In fact, I much prefer roving through the darkness over a bright, sunny afternoon. 66 more words


Motorcycle trip to Abiquiu, NM (and carburetor rebuilding)

Took a trip today to Abiquiu, NM today to meet with Ian, a guy I met on the BMW ride this past Sunday.  He has a buisness there teaching off road motorcycle riding and adventure touring (www.dividerideadventures.com).   170 more words

Nieu-Bethesda > Bloemfontein 

Leaving Graaff Reinet Wednesday I decided to go and stay for a few days in a fascinating little town called Nieu-Bethesda. When first entering into the town it feels as if you have stumbled upon the set of an old western film. 436 more words