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Daily Ride - La moto-taxi sur Paris : relaxant !

I don’t understand what this gentleman is saying, but he still makes a compelling case for taking a moto taxi in Paris.

He also shows proper form in getting onto the motorcycle as a passenger. 50 more words



Public announcement . If you’re sick of getting hassled by “the man” Remind your friends without a proper license to get one. When we were looking up traffic laws including DOT, peg, and signal requirements ext … It came up a number of times that the police focus on motorcycles because something like 35% of young motorcyclists do NOT have their class 6 motorcycle license… This stat alone gives the PoPo “the right” to pull over any rider under the assumption that You do not have the proper license to be on the road. 8 more words

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4 Things You Probably Never Considered About Owning A Motorcycle

With iconic road movies such as ‘easy rider’ and popular TV shows like the recently finished ‘Sons of Anarchy’, it’s no wonder why so many people think that owning a motorcycle is glamorous, thrilling, … 610 more words


Needing to Get My Head Showered: A Motorcycle Quest

The folks from Northern Ireland have a great expression: I need to get my head showered. Essentially, it means – I need a break. I need to get away from everything. 189 more words

Your Guide To Motorcycle Transport

Need to move your machinery? Moving your motorcycle to another place needs proper care so it gets to its destination in good condition. Here are some things you should remember when having your motorcycle transport: Consider a motorcycle carrier instead of loading your motorbike in your own…

How "Racing the Gods" Came to Be

This week’s story is a personal one. It’s about the long and difficult path taken to get my book written. Most ‘people would consider writing a book to be hard. 44 more words

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