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****SOLD OUT***

Our camp out is officially sold out!  If you didn’t get a camp spot your more than welcome join us and enjoy an afternoon or riding.   9 more words

Harley Davidson

New High Flow Injectors

I figured as long as I had her torn down I ‘d go ahead a replace the stock injectors for some higher flowing 450cc injectors.  I know that it’s not a huge upgrade like going to 550cc or larger injectors but for my needs this should be more than adequate.   173 more words

Road Star

Work to Ride, Ride to Work

Can you hear it? Can you hear the sound of the clock ticking in the background or more accurately, in the back of your mind? I look around and I see the shadows of the day moving as the sun tells me I haven’t accomplished a thing – when the to-do list is long and rarely completed. 370 more words


Header Fabbing!

By far one of the most difficult things for me to do was the header pipe fabrication.  A close second was the throttle body pipes. 190 more words

Road Star

On dropping bikes

The weather has finally turned a bit here in DC, so after spending my mornings combing the “want-ads” (do they still have such a thing?) my thoughts have been turning to riding (finally!).   788 more words


Zzz... Huh? What?

It’s been a rough four months. The Boston area received more snow than ever in recorded history, and it still hasn’t warmed up much. Just yesterday snow was still falling from the sky, and it accumulated slightly over the weekend. 297 more words


Walk Your Bike!!

You’d better walk your bike if your passing by Manhattan Beach Pier!! Caught at the weekend and yes, I was walking my bike :-) Thought you might like it!! 17 more words

Mike Hope