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Tech: Say hello to Dubai Police's new electric BMWs

Dubai’s police force, famous for its stable of exotic supercars, has added yet another high-tech, rear-wheel-drive vehicle to its fleet, says Bloomberg.

With a top speed of about 95 miles (150 kilometres) per hour, the BMW i3 will probably leave any high-speed chases to the Bugatti Veyron and Porsche 918 already operated by the police. 163 more words


Motoring: Tesla's cars arrive in Dubai

Tesla Inc. is expanding to the United Arab Emirates, making a move to sell its pricey electric cars in one of the world’s largest oil-producing nations, … 167 more words


20 Tips For Surviving Driving In New Zealand

It seems an awful lot more people are visiting, or moving to New Zealand these days. Either because of Brexit, or Trump, or cheap airfares and new aeroplanes, which can fly further. 1,039 more words

New Zealand

Chasing Clouds

Our resident champ takes the new Mahindra Mojo – Tourer Edition out for a spin!

Join Nipun Srivastava as he chases his vision and talks about the striking New Edition Mojo by Mahindra Two Wheelers. 1,131 more words


Dorne Chorus

The nudie anchorage stayed warm and clear. We spent two nights off the short grey beach beneath the tall grey rock face, peppered with bare browning couples, and though we never joined them ashore I was confident that my own undress on deck would not offend. 1,356 more words


Silver Linings

It’s a long one again. You ready?

On our second night in Carril we ventured over to Villagarcia de Arosa for Noite das Meigas, the night of the witches, braving a perilous moonlit row around the lines and lines of bent and twisted re-bar sticks that mark the fishing areas off the beach. 2,243 more words