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2007: Review - MotorStorm (PS3)

Originally published in early 2007, this was one of the first games that I played for PS3 that really struck me as awesome. Sure, there is questionable depth but this was still a very fun game. 2,348 more words


Driveclub (PS4) - Reseña

Driveclub tiene una mala fama, es de los mejores ejemplos de la peor tendencia del 2014, lanzar juegos a medias y llenos de glitches.

Actualmente el juego ha sido parchado y ofrece una experiencia estable. 415 more words


Driveclub's Driving Aesthetic

Driveclub has had online problems; everyone is aware of this.  But it has a number of off-line benefits that many are perhaps not privy to — in particular, the aesthetic experience of driving in Driveclub, which seems to have been overshadowed in the media by its less successful social component.  384 more words


MotorStorm (PS3, 2006-2007) - Tracks

MotorStorm was my first PS3 game, so it’s special for me. It was amazing. Released in Japan in December 2006 (without online) and later in America and Europe, it was a launch title in Europe. 359 more words


MotorStorm: Apocalypse (PS3, 2011) - Gameplay and Platinum Video Homage

For today’s blog entry I pick some old videos of YouTube Channel that weren’t here in the blog. Two tracks of the last big game of one my favorites saga, … 118 more words


MotorStorm RC:Pro Am Review;

I am a big fan of MotorStorm RC, especially on Vita, and there is no way around it. Its superb gameplay, its tight controls, its varied environments; it’s just a really good game. 524 more words

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