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Google Earth Tour of Toltec Mounds

Hello all! I’m terribly sorry, but both Google Earth and WordPress didn’t want to cooperate. So, to compensate, I’ll be writing a description/tour of the site with pictures for visual aides. 581 more words

October 12 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to all the Quizlings who came to play. The rest of you must be diehard NHL fans or something. (Be back next week or your mom and me’ll get real worried.) 154 more words

Tomato Jake's

The First 4 Things To Do in Any State Park

State parks are one of the best options you’ll find for getting outside and enjoying what your local area has to offer. If you’re heading out to a state park for the first time, check these easy items off your list on the way in to make sure you’re prepared for a great adventure. 592 more words

Found Mounds...


‘…We didn’t go to High Bradfield to look for a mound we went to High Bradfield for the church there but we found a mound anyway. 388 more words

Stuart France And Sue Vincent


Let me start off with….NO I am not pregnant.  But a few nights ago I got hit with a sweet tooth and a craving for a candy bar.   700 more words

Recipe Review

The Prairie

Do you know the artists who influenced the artists who influenced you?

I live in a city now where many streets and public schools are named for 19th century New England literary worthies. 397 more words