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Birding Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Mount Auburn Cemetery, called “Sweet Auburn” in the early 19th century, was founded in 1831 as the nation’s first garden cemetery.  This style of less formal burial grounds was a distinct break from the colonial-era church graveyard and began the public parks and garden movement that led to many urban parks, including Frederick Law Olmstead’s Central Park in the 1850’s.   573 more words


Autumn at Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge (2)

It was cold today, the wind howling, the leaves wild, and the Mount Auburn Cemetery crowded with pedestrians and cars and performers and singers and warblers.  119 more words

Ordinary Places

Autumn at Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge

Yes, there are the small, quaint towns of Vermont, the daunting heights of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, but there are also beautiful spots of color and energy here in our city, in its downtown and its suburbs.  289 more words

Ordinary Places

Mount Auburn Cemetery Stroll

This 174-acre garden cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is more a keeper of living splendors than storage for the departed. Spectacular specimens of domestic and cultivated trees, shrubs, and flowers line the serpentine paths, and here and there are reflecting ponds or fountains, microcosms of life. 49 more words


Summer: Part I

Justin has been quite busy with rotations this summer, but the last couple of months have been rather unstructured for me. In preparation for my doctoral program–beginning in the fall–I’ve been working my way through a reading list and attempting to strengthen my languages, particularly Coptic. 1,911 more words


Peter Purviance (ca. 1845-17 September 1905)

Peter Purviance was born into slavery in Baltimore, Maryland. On 17 March 1864, he was sold for $250 by Francis B. Lawrenson to Joseph J. Gambrill. 74 more words