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You never know...Small World Stories II

The former “Voice of Portland (Maine)” turned 68 on Friday. We were guests at his birthday party here in Tucson. I didn’t know him when I lived in Maine but his wife performed in Abrams and Abramson, a comedy duo we enjoyed at the annual Maine Festival. 223 more words

Mount Desert Island/Maine

How I love small world stories!

A few years ago, walking down 7th Street around the corner from my Tucson home, a car’s bumper sticker GotMainelobster.com jumped out at me.

Whaaa? 366 more words

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My house was me and I was it...

That’s no longer true. This morning marked the closing for my SWH home. My realtor says the new owners are wonderful people, hard-working, not the typical rich folks who buy second homes on Mt. 556 more words


My Amigas

Sometimes if I can’t fall asleep I count all my women friends, strong, independent, smart, funny friends, some of whom I’ve known for more than 40 years. 325 more words

Bopping Around Tucson

Ashley's Imponderables, tempered by beauty and love

Author/artist Ashley Bryan turned 94 last month. We’ve been friends for nearly 40 years, and I can honestly say I’ve never known anyone like Ashley. And Oh, if only the world were populated more human beings like him, for you see, Ashley Bryan is pure love. 421 more words

Mount Desert Island/Maine

Walk-talking, moving, and growing old(er)

What do Henry David Thoreau, a retired 85-year-old Maine pediatrician, a busy Tucson graphic artist and mother of a very busy three year old, an espresso-drinking theatre couple, and I have in common? 330 more words

Mount Desert Island/Maine

The next chapter...'Say yes to opportunities'

Who knew that people 82 to 85 score higher on happiness scales than millennials?

I’m not there yet, but I am happy. My super adorable grandson Foss was born on Jan. 285 more words

Mount Desert Island/Maine