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Mount Eerie: Lost Wisdom

Not a bad release. Mostly quiet acoustic songs. All seem fully formed at least. Not always true with Phil Elvrum. I like this okay, but don’t love it.

Mount Eerie: "No Flashlight" Songs of the Fulfilled Night

Very quiet. Not terrible, but not that good either. Ultimately kind of boring. Has some moments though. But I won’t miss it if I never listen to it again I think.

Review of Mount Eerie's New Album "Sauna"

Artist: Mount Eerie
Album: Sauna
Label: P. W. Elverum & Son
Release Date: February 3, 2015

Website: http://pwelverumandsun.bandcamp.com/album/sauna

One of indie-folk’s biggest risk takers, Phil Elverum, is back under the Mount Eerie moniker after the three year drought that followed his well received releases from 2012, “Ocean Roar” and “Clear Moon.”  “Sauna,” the seventh album from Mount Eerie, is a culmination of what fans have come to love about him. 396 more words


Mount Eerie - Sauna

Mount Eerie – Sauna


Phil Elverum is an odd sort of cat, crafting drawn-out ambient folk songs that every once in a while erupt into jagged, distorted sections that edge up into black metal.   203 more words

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Mount Eerie, Sauna

Sauna é o mais recente álbum da banda norte-americana Mount Eerie, projeto liderado por Phil Elverum, que já adquira reconhecimento no mundo musical com o seu grupo anterior, The Microphones. 500 more words