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3. The Microphones - Mount Eerie

Pitchfork rating: 8.9

My rating: 8.2

Despite his canonization in the world of lo-fi indie, I had little experience with Phil Elverum and his music before this year. 489 more words

Cover of Mount Eerie's Stones Ode

On a near weekly basis, I want to be able to share a performance of either one of my own songs, or a cover of a song by one of my favourite artists. 243 more words

INTERVIEW: Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum

This feature was first published in Weightless in May 2013.

Phil W. Elverum is the mastermind behind lo-fi folk projects Mount Eerie and The Microphones. Known for his uniquely stripped-down songwriting and instrumentation and tapestry-turning lyrical imagery, Elverum’s works bridge the gap between the natural and the modern world with dense drone passages and somber acoustic guitars, revealing a path covered in autumn leaves and bathed in spectral moonlight. 1,184 more words


Mount Eerie: Clear Moon

More quiet than Wind’s Poem. Also shorter. I liked it I think, but nothing really stuck out for me. Maybe should give it another chance.

Mount Eerie: Wind's Poem

Supposedly influenced by black metal. I guess I hear it. But it’s not really any heavier than other albums. A lot of really quiet atmospheric songs. 18 more words

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Mount Eerie: Dawn

Mostly just Phil Elvrum solo. It’s pretty decent though. More of a Sunday morning album.