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Mount Eerie: Clear Moon

More quiet than Wind’s Poem. Also shorter. I liked it I think, but nothing really stuck out for me. Maybe should give it another chance.

Mount Eerie: Wind's Poem

Supposedly influenced by black metal. I guess I hear it. But it’s not really any heavier than other albums. A lot of really quiet atmospheric songs. 18 more words

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Mount Eerie: Dawn

Mostly just Phil Elvrum solo. It’s pretty decent though. More of a Sunday morning album.

Mount Eerie: Lost Wisdom

Not a bad release. Mostly quiet acoustic songs. All seem fully formed at least. Not always true with Phil Elvrum. I like this okay, but don’t love it.

Mount Eerie: "No Flashlight" Songs of the Fulfilled Night

Very quiet. Not terrible, but not that good either. Ultimately kind of boring. Has some moments though. But I won’t miss it if I never listen to it again I think.