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My Virgin Hike: Mount Merapi

The Virgin

“Hiking?!?! No wayyyyy…” I have never been an outdoor-sy person, and although I am by no means out-of-shape, I am not in-shape either. So, I have never thought that I will someday go hiking! 1,088 more words


Сайхан байгаль, залилан мэхлэгчид...

Хөдөлгүүртээ асуудал гарлаа гэж 30 минут хойшлогдсон онгоцондоо суугаад Бүгд Найрамдах Индонез Улсын нийслэлд газардахад бороотой байсан. Өмнөх орой нь Сингапурын онгоцны буудалд байсан 6 доллараараа уусан кофеноос өөр юмаар ходоодоо баярлуулаагүй байсан болохоор юуч хамаагүй идчихмээр санагдаад шалгуулаад гарч ирэнгүүтээ эхний харагдсан газарт ороод л анхны Индонез хоолоо идчихээд тооцоогоо хийтэл 10%-ийн такс нэмэгдээд 95000 рупи төлөхдөө л арай үнэтэй хоол захиалчихсан юмуудаа гэж бодож байлаа. 81 more words


In the Shadow of a Volcano

You can learn a lot about people when you understand how they react to disaster. We all like to think we’d be completely in control in the face of chaos, but the fact is, you just don’t know until you’re there. 810 more words

Journey to Indonesia


Flew around the world in a microwave for two days and finally made it to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. After painfully swollen feet & legs it’s a sweet treat to see friends you haven’t seen in much too long. 4,714 more words


A Short but Magnificent Trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia

After my second trip to Bali, my friends and I had a short visit to Yogyakarta, where the Borobudur and Prambanan temples are just a few hours drive away. 594 more words

Short Vacation

5 Honeymoon Destinations in Asia You Should Consider

1. Ratu Boko, Indonesia

Let’s kick-start the list with the oldest item on the menu. The remains of Ratu Boko Palace hold majestic beauty against the backdrop of Mount Merapi, east of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 759 more words

Theorist Attorney

Mount Merapi, Jogyakarta, Java (30 - 31 Aug 2014)

From Mendut we drove up to Kaliurang, the nearest large village to Mount Merapi which is the world’s most active volcano. Christian Awuy runs Vogel’s hostel in Kaliurang and is also one of the rangers involved in coordinating rescue effort in the event of an eruption. 1,168 more words