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Javanese Gold - The Wonoboyo Hoard

One of the treasures on display in the National Museum in Jakarta is a priceless collection of golden jewellery and ceremonial objects found at Wonoboyo near Yogyakarta in Central Java. 711 more words

Merapi Adventur Jeep

If you looking something special moment in Jogja, you can try the Merapi Adventure Jeep Tour. It will take you to see Mount Merapi closer. And also you will feel the sense of adventure with the 4WD Jeeps.

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Indonesia: Visiting Yogyakarta and Bali

I’ve been wanting to travel to Indonesia for quite some time now and finally made it happen! Indonesia has been a place of interest for a number of reasons. 2,462 more words

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Volcano Case Studies - Strategies

1985 Nevado Del Ruiz Volcanic Eruption, Colombia

The 1985 Nevado Del Ruiz volcanic eruption in Colombia caused a high death toll of 23000. Despite the indicators, such as increased seismic activities, gas emissions of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide and phreatic eruptions, the damage was severe. 541 more words

Borobodur and Prambanan, Java's temples. Oh, and hiked a volcano while I was there

Left the homestay and we were travelling for the next two days heading for Yogyakarta! Home of Borobudur and Prambanan! Got up early for the 8h train ride into Yogyakarta. 951 more words