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Stonehenge Merapi: Visit Stonehenge in Indonesia! With Evacuation Routes, Just in Case!

This is your up-to-date Stonehenge reporter, with the latest news tracking Stonehenge as it spreads itself around the globe! Today we present to you…drumroll…Stonehenge in Indonesia! 400 more words

Stonehenge Replica

Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 7 Days

Let’s be real, I don’t think anyone really needs seven days in Jogja, but there is never a vacation that is too long. Besides, it was a much needed break with my family after quitting my job of 5.5 years. 897 more words


Kenangan di Bulan Agustus (walah, judul yang lebay)


Bagi Indonesia, bulan Agustus adalah bulan kemerdekaan. Di kampung atau di desa ada banyak lomba yang diadakan untuk memperingati ulang tahun Republik ini, mulai dari lomba yang sifatnya resmi, seperti olahraga badminton atau voli, hingga lomba yang penuh kekonyolan dan kelucuan. 269 more words

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The Problem with Spontaneity 

The first 2 days in Jogja (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) to Prambanan, Borobudur and Mount Merapi were simply awesome. Today’s city tour was a disappointment. In fact, today’s feeling have been a chance to reflect how much city tour disappointment we experienced in the past at other countries. 369 more words


Javanese Gold - The Wonoboyo Hoard

One of the treasures on display in the National Museum in Jakarta is a priceless collection of golden jewellery and ceremonial objects found at Wonoboyo near Yogyakarta in Central Java. 711 more words