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The Passover Procession - Behold the Lamb (Part 4)

The Memorial Passover
A year after their deliverance from Egypt, the Israelites celebrated the Passover at the foot of Mount Sinai.[1] But not long after, the spies returned from their foray and the heart of the people melted. 969 more words

The Blood Of Jesus Christ

When God Chooses

Abraham saw the lot, David prepared the blueprint, Solomon constructed it, Babylon destroyed it, God’s people rebuilt it, Herod remodeled it, and Rome burned it to the ground.    563 more words


Genesis 22

Abraham Tested (vs 1-19)

After these things, God tested Abraham.

God: Abraham

Abraham: Behold, here I am.

God: Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains of which I will tell you. 654 more words


Abraham Fulfills a Priestly Call

Hi friends!  I hope you have followed the past two days, as today’s post ties this mini-series together.  We’re talking about the three-fold call of God upon Israel, through the Abrahamic Covenant.   390 more words


Tim Heidecker, Modern Baseball, and Mount Moriah: Reviews

TIM HEIDECKER – In Glendale (Rado/Jagjaguwar): Joke’s that his impersonation of a soft-cock yacht-rock schlub regaling you with banal stories of working from home hungover or cleaning up dogshit lures you into such a false sense of security that the ending of a tune like “I Saw Nicolas Cage,” wherein Heidecker’s persona sees Nicolas Cage, comes as a shock when he casually announces that a car in front of him on the highway flipped over the railing and killed four children. 351 more words


Abraham Saw the Day and was Glad!

Happy Lord’s Day!  I’m so glad to be jumping back into our study called Why Israel Matters: Rightly Relating to Our Jewish Roots.  To date, we have discussed: 562 more words


The Priestly Call

We have looked at the birthing call and the suffering call God placed upon Israel, via the Abrahamic Covenant.  There is one other calling we need to examine: the priestly call.   500 more words