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Allah is a Zionist

By Sheik Abdul Hadi Palazzi

March 18, 2010 Tablet Magazine

Over the past 15 years, the political conflict between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs has been reframed as a religious war in which leaders from Yasser Arafat to Hassan Nasrallah to Osama bin Laden have appealed to the authority of the Quran to support their goal of eliminating the State of Israel. 2,161 more words


"Taking Authority Over the Temple" - Homily by Fr. Cristino

This homily was preached in the parish of Sacred Heart, Strathmore, at the start of the Lenten Mission there, delivered by Fr. Cristino.

3rd Sunday of Lent (Jn. 15 more words



In due course, after the occupation of Canaan, the divinely appointed king David and his descendants became the guarantor of the sacrificial cultus at a central cultic location on Mount Moriah (supposedly the site of Abraham’s near-sacrifice of Isaac) in Jerusalem. 169 more words


She has come beforehand to anoint my body for burial.

Matthew 14:8

The clause she has come beforehand translates the greek prolambano: to anticipate; to do something ahead of time: literally, to grasp before. 135 more words

Biblical Greek


According to my research especially in the article land borders of the tribes of Israel, you can see clearly that i believe Jerusalem in the time of Joshua is the Moutain region of Safed in the upper eastern Galilee. 1,172 more words

Egypt In Israel

H.C. McENTIRE - " Quartz in the Valley "

You might not have heard of H.C. McEntire, but you’ll almost certainly know her collaborators; Kathleen Hanna, William Tyler and Angel Olsen to name just a few of the stellar accompanying cast. 180 more words


Review: "Unveiling Jerusalem" Beautifully Showcases Archaeology to Rebut Historical Revisionism

Pierre Rehov’s beautiful new film, Unveiling Jerusalem, shines a spotlight on the city’s architectural wonders and amazing recent archaeological finds. Even more importantly, it exposes why the religious-political conflict over Jerusalem appears to be getting worse instead of better despite years of “peace process.” It provides much-needed moral clarity on what causes violence between Israelis and Palestinians. 1,033 more words

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