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Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Mount Nemrut. South east Turkey. Heads broken off bodies, around a royal tomb.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

~ Spotted Cow


Top Three Things To Do in Turkey

Turkey is home to over 73 million people. The top religion is Muslim and the capital is Ankara. Going to Turkey can be a riveting experience, but as with any place there can be too much to see in too little time. 308 more words


Trekking in Turkey - Mount Nemrut

Welcome to Mount Nemrut – 3050 m amsl!

NEMRUT DAĞI (Nemrut Dagi) – a dormant volcano that is 3050 metres above sea level high. It is located on the western side of the Lake Van. 75 more words

Mount Ararat Trekking

5 More Must-See Sites in Turkey

This post will cover sites outside of Istanbul, which has its own must-see list here.
Click to see the list of our first 5 Must-See Sites in Turkey. 1,622 more words

Welcome to tailored tours!

Welcome to Mount Ararat and not only!

PRIVATE GROUPS – our offer is not only standard programmes that you will find on our website. Each group of whatever number of participants may choose any time and any place of trekking and sightseeing. 118 more words

Cultural Tours

Mount Nemrut, Turkey

Among Ya’lla destinations, Nemrut Dagi (Mount Nemrut) ranks with Egypt’s pyramids and Petra for mysterious awesomeness. It’s often compared to Easter Island.

In the 1st century BCE, in what is today the Adiyaman province of south-central Turkey,  the grandiose king of a tiny but rich kingdom built this mortuary temple complex and shrine to the gods 7,000 feet up in the eastern Taurus mountains. 351 more words

Reflections from our Journey through Turkey 

By Jonette Crowley

Since I’ve been to over 70 countries, people always ask me what is my favorite place. My answer: New Zealand for its amazing beauty and Turkey for its culture, history, food, people and climate. 860 more words

Jonette Crowley