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October 4 in history:

Work crews at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota began carving the faces of four U.S. presidents into the mountainside on October 4th, 1927. 202 more words

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Mount Rushmore: Personal Ambition to National Heritage

On the 4th of October 1927, Gutzon Borglum (1867-1941) began sculpting Mount Rushmore, a long project which ended unfinished in 1941, the year of the artist’s death. 499 more words


Episode 6: Surgeons

On episode six of the Mount Rushcast Matthew and Nathan debate the greatest surgeons. The hosts discuss medical history’s father complex, the invention of the nose job, and they start a fight with Alan Alda.

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Mount Rushcast

Road Trip - Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado

I imagine that some of you might be hard placed to identify these states of the USA on a map. I certainly would have until now.   34 more words

Getting Started

2020 miles into the Boulevard of Beautiful Dreams - Mount Rushmore; a belated update

i haven’t been posting th last couple of days because I’ve been a little sick and had to do a lot of driving. But I will explain, don’t worry. 401 more words


Episode 5: Failed Revolutionary Leaders

On episode five of the Mount Rushcast Matthew and Nathan debate the greatest failed revolutionary leaders. The hosts discuss their preferred gladiator combat style, Jesus Christ’s murderous little brother, and they discover the true hero of Scottish nationalism. 6 more words