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Episode 4: Olympians

On episode four of the Mount Rushcast Matthew and Nathan debate the greatest Olympians. The hosts discuss the worst Olympic Games, why literature is no longer an Olympic sport, and the surprisingly ancient origins of the rivalry between Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson.

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Greatest Olympians

What do you get when you remove 450,000 tons of rock?

Welcome back. Thank you for taking two minutes out of your day. With that said, you might need more than two minutes to read this post. 679 more words


August 12th - Mount Rushmore (Conveniently located In Middle of Nowhere, USA)

The title pretty much says it all. You’re in the Black Hills of South Dakota annnnnnnndd there’s lots of hills annnnnnnnd nothing else besides tourist attractions. 127 more words


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Happy 99th National Park Service! Discover 408 national parks

Today the National Park Service celebrates 99 years. Happy Birthday!

Did you know there are  408 national parks ? I’ve only been to about 25 of them in Arizona, Ohio, Texas, South Dakota, New York, California and Washington D.C. 228 more words

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9 Days and 3100 Miles.

The midwest is boring. There are no mountains to view. Hot springs and geysers are nowhere to be found. Can’t find any faces carved out of rock on a mountain either. 148 more words


Mount Rushmore: Outdoor Art

Mount Rushmore portrays four leaders of the United States that represent some the values of our country: freedom, creativity, responsibility, conservation, civil rights… This outdoor art took over twenty years to carve, and I’m glad the sculptor took the time. 116 more words