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7 Wonders of the United States

I love traveling but so far I’ve stuck to US travel. I figure as much as I would like to see some of the sights in Europe and Asia and South America or go on a Safari in Africa, I want to know my own country first. 726 more words



Here’s a photo which has been circulating on the internet.  A source is credited on the image.

Keystone, South Dakota

You guys. Do you want to know what it feels like in Metro Detroit today? This…

It seriously feels like I’m back on the Athabasca glacier trying to walk in tennis shoes, it’s THAT icy out. 2,616 more words

Folie à Trois by Quinn White

Child is chill. Ghosts like she can kill. Stops rivers without a dam. Horses. Will I watch her cross-country show? Horses. Dressage? Some birthmothers are goals like the Grand Canyon, Rushmore, or Yellowstone. 359 more words


Haiku, Are We Monkeys?

“We see no Trump, we – hear no Trump, we speak no Trump – but we sure smell Trump”

Janu-weary and my travel bucket list! 

January. Everyone is in that post-holiday haze. It’s cold and we are expecting snow tonight into tomorrow. I’m tired.

I couldn’t sleep last night which really isn’t unusual for me. 1,102 more words

The Gratitude Letter

On a recent business trip, as is my custom, I read the in-flight magazine cover-to-cover. I am often quite pleasantly surprised at the level of journalism in these little gems, and the feature story of this particular edition of “Southwest: The Magazine” was no exception. 930 more words