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Tenerife - Why I've Holidayed Here 9 Times

I caught the fragrance about six months ago, in my daughter’s kitchen, in Sussex.  She has this pine dresser where she keeps her ‘good’ crockery, very similar to the polished pine furniture in the apartment block where we’ve been holidaying in Playa de Las Americas since she was a child.   592 more words


A trip to El Teide... but what if it went off?

For most people, a trip to the heighest point in Spain, which conveniently happens to be a feckin’ volcano, is a fantastic experience. But when you are someone who once got his tie stuck in a paper cutting machine and was nearly shredded to death, or who managed to get hospitalised by a Jack Russell called Titch, you do not simply go on these trips without injury. 1,061 more words

Flower tower - Echium pininana

Cork is known as a city of “Steps and Steeples”. Some were designed by famous architects like William Burgess and George Pain. Nearby at Cobh Cathedral, the work of Edward Pugin and George Ashlin towers over the sea.   1,038 more words


Tenerife, the Island of the Endless Spring

There are hundreds of good reasons to travel to Tenerife, an island full of activities and sites to enjoy: an average spring-like temperature of 23°C, 43 protected areas, the closeness of the European continent, an exotic and safe destination, popular fiestas and traditions, the volcanic nature of the island, just to mention a few, making Tenerife such a unique holiday destination. 127 more words

Canarian Folktales: The Legend of Gara and Jonay

La Gomera

La Gomera is one of the seven Canary Islands which are an autonomous community of Spain situated to the west of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean  The original inhabitants before the arrival of the Spanish were the Guanche people who were believed to be related to the Berber people of North Africa.   1,173 more words


Mount Teide - A guide to reach the peak

December of 2015, I climbed Mount Teide. I went to the summit after hiking for more than 7 hours hike. The whole hike was full of experiences – exhaustion, solitude, star gazing, sun rise, achievement. 1,301 more words