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Magnetic Car Phone Mount Holder (Grey)

I have a Samsung Galaxy with a heavy phone case. I have tried several different vent phone holders and all end up in the trash. They are made of cheap plastic that breaks or do not have a strong enough magnetic pad to hang onto my phone. 454 more words

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Mount Hira (Jabal Hira)

This is Mount Hira (Jabal Hira), which lies about two miles from the Ka’bah. Near the top is a small cave, a little less than 4 meters in length and a little more than one and a half meters in width. 207 more words


Through The Eyes Of A Child

It goes without saying, over time we become more and more accustomed to things. And the more accustomed we become, the more we take it for granted. 425 more words



The Yellowstone Supervolcano is the largest on Earth, and it’s 40,000 years overdue for a massive eruption that will likely solve the world’s overpopulation problem. 9 more words


Book Mount And Blade Warband

GOG is a digital distribution platform – an online store with a curated selection of games, an optional gaming client giving you freedom of choice, and a vivid Mount & Blade: Warband released (March 14th, 2017) Warband console version ! 399 more words

Linux Fu: File Aliases, Links, and Mappings

Have you heard it said that everything in Linux is a file? That is largely true, and that’s why the ability to manipulate files is crucial to mastering Linux Fu. 1,176 more words


Haunted House Long Island

Haunted Long Island
Mount Misery & Sweet Hollow Road, Melville/Huntington
As the birth place of famous poet Walt Whitman, Mount Misery and Sweet Hollow Road’s history dates way back to the Revolutionary war. 47 more words