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A writing adventure completed ...

My latest ebook, The Road Winding Among the Mountains—Story of an Epic Bicycle Journey to the Richtersveld Mountain Desert, has finally been published. It is my second book, written in English. 124 more words


What strength must be required for Mountain Bike Adventure

Mountain biking, this name defines that it is a biking sport in which bicycle-riders ride along mountain trails. Having a bike ride over a mountain terrain is pure fun to enjoy, but it also has its own share of adventure and excitement. 404 more words

Mountain Bike Adventure in Portugal: An Exhilarating Experience in a Spectacularly Breathtaking Country

Portugal is merely the very best in regarding to Mountain Bike Adventures. Taking adventure tours are part of an increasing trend for those who want to get more out of their vacations than simply sitting on the beach. 476 more words


I'm Excited! My Richtersveld Mountain Bike Adventure Book is Gaining Momentum, at Last ...

Tonight I worked on Chapter 3 of my e-book about my mountain bike adventure in the Richtersveld Mountain Desert back in 1993. One forgets many details after such a long time, but fortunately, I found some articles that I had written for magazines, and these help to fill in the gaps. 166 more words