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Falling off 3 times in 1 ride.

I don’t often fall off my mountain bike but today it happened 3 times. I wasn’t hurt by any of the falls, each being a trivial affair but because of the number of incidents I thought it worth mentioning. 934 more words

Mountain Bikes

Returning to Great Hill.

I’d hoped to ride Great Hill, which rises to around 1,250 feet above sea level, on my last two rides but had to change my plan for various reasons. 1,202 more words

Mountain Bikes

Hottest day of the year.

It’s not often in Northern England that you need to change your planned ride because the weather is hot! Today we’ve had winds blowing from continental Europe and so the kind of heat we rarely enjoy. 685 more words

Mountain Bikes

Violet Crown Trail south of Slaughter

This trail head leads up behind Veloway Park and even to the Wildflower Center! 448 more words


Finding grip in wet conditions.

I haven’t been able to ride for 4 days so was glad to get out today. I almost didn’t. My wife informed me that she needed to waste 2 hours of my time in the afternoon and when we arrived back home we had a short rain shower. 714 more words

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Muddy summer.

Those 2 words in my title sum up my experience since the beginning of June. Before that we had 3 of the driest months we’ve ever had. 781 more words

Mountain Bikes