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Newly discovered treat!

I was wondering the aisles of our local Asian market and came across these little badboys.

After wondering what on earth Hawthorn coil was I couldn’t resist giving them to try. 102 more words


A Shawnee Black Friday 2016

It has been a long standing tradition for a Black Friday Mountain Bike Ride to be held every year for at least ten years if not longer.   337 more words

Matt Gholson

Mallorcan Mallards

I was playing around with the Google photos search feature. Basically search a word and if you’ve taken a photo of something resembling it chances are Google will bring it up, in this case I searched ‘birds’. 29 more words


Oh what have I done?!

One of the guys I ride with persuaded me to enter the ‘Ard Rock Enduro.

So I was nominated to enter 6 of us at 6.30am this morning, except of course couldn’t get tickets for the actual Enduro, so we’re having to do the Sprint instead! 16 more words


Review: Bontrager TLR Flashcharger Pump.

We’ve all been there: half covered in tire sealant and screaming in frustration at a tire that won’t seat. Owning a compressor comes in very handy at this point. 515 more words

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Catching up: I bought a new Bike!

After a couple of excellent years with my Trek Remedy, I finally gave in to the ‘oooo shiny’ and bought a new bike!

I tried out the Santa Cruz Bronson C at the MTBMeetup, and I really liked it and I eventually pursuaded myself that actually I really wanted one! 149 more words


Dad's,Lads and Mates 

A rare opportunity arose last Saturday as the title states,we was able to get my two boys and my eldests best friend up to sherwood pines for a full day of mountain biking and for them, it being a big insight to riding trail centers. 584 more words