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An Epic Day Out.

When Diego invited me to join him, his brother, and three of their friends on an all day mountain bike adventure I felt honored. You’ve got to earn your place on rides like this and I guess in the several hours that he and I spent riding together in the previous days he deemed me worthy. 673 more words


The Trancas Experience

For unforgettable mountain biking, Valle Las Trancas is the place. I asked several Chilean mountain bikers where the best riding in the country is and they all directed me here (although I must say, … 884 more words


Look What I Got at GoodWill #5 Sweet Shoes and Sweeter Shirt

Shauna and I took a trip to St. Louis today since it’s her birthday week.  Yeah, apparently she gets an entire week, where I got half a day.   114 more words

Matt Gholson

Detourdeloslagos: Getting packed and ready to go

When an old friend asks if you want to go to Chile for a bikepacking trip I believe that the correct answer is yes! YES!!! I’m always looking for the next adventure, especially this year when I’ve taken the year completely off to do just that. 408 more words


Mountain Biking is Good for the Soul!

Fellow adventurist Eric Erickson has been an avid mountain biker for the past decade and has some fun trails planned for yours truly this season. I asked Eric to put into words what mountain biking means to him and to let us in on some the adrenaline he has experienced on the trails. 1,005 more words


Reasons to cycle #26 - Climbing up, heading down

Ride your bike, up a hill. Contemplate the huge sky. Admire the sun. Bounce down and do it all again. It’s why we ride. Right?

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