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Cycle guide to north east Victoria

This is another great guide to north east Victoria. Like the Walk and Trails guide, the Bright and Surrounds cycle guide provides a fantastic introduction to all types of riding in the area from Myrtleford to Mt Beauty and Falls Creek to Dinner Plain. 49 more words

Cycling:  If faster is what you want, now is the time.  How I get Ready for Summer Two Months before Spring even gets Here....

I know, I know… It’s only the second week of January.  Most of us in North America and many in the Northern Hemisphere are cooped up indoors, pounding out miles on trainers and rollers hoping just to maintain some semblance of fitness, so how could now possibly be the time?  551 more words



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Frozen water everywhere!

Last spring, I took a tour of some local trails the day after a huge rain event just north of here.  The result was a cycling route that had a lot of turn-arounds because some trails were flooded. 403 more words

General Cycling

Josiah Middaugh - the rest of the story.

We all want to be the best at what we do, but being the best in the world doesn’t happen overnight. So, here is some advice from… 1,955 more words

It was my choice so I'm not lucky really!...

We all have to make decisions in our life, which some are good and some are bad, but the biggest decision I have ever made for sure was to sell up my castle, close my business, leave all my friends and family, then move to Sardinia. 26 more words


UCI Professional Fitness Test

Think you’re fit? Well let the UCI decide.

Above is a link to Cycling Weekly’s Paul Knott taking the UCI Professional Cycling Test. The test assesses if you have the fitness credentials to compete with the worlds best at the World Cycling Centre. 104 more words