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The Dream (Poetry)

The Dream (Poetry)

This is a poem I wrote of a very vivid dream I had last week.  Nature speaks to me, while awake and asleep.  1,076 more words



Jack and Allen stopped by yesterday. On the way over, they ran across a rather large black bear standing in the road. They stopped and waited until it moved off the road. 76 more words

Mountain lion spotted in Emery County near park

ORANGEVILLE, Utah – The Emery County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a mountain lion spotting.

Deputies said the animal was first spotted early Tuesday morning and then again Sunday evening. 85 more words


mountain lion

I took the following photos of Cruz, an orphaned mountain lion, at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. 21 more words


The Secret Life of Mountain Lions: Exploring the Many Facets of a Mysterious Cat

Mountain lion, puma, cougar, panther: the most wide-ranging large carnivore in the Western hemisphere goes by many names. Known scientifically as Puma concolor, it is capable of taking down prey many times its own weight. 212 more words

Big Cats


It’s been said that once you enter a natural environment, that it takes up to half an hour for nature to begin to restore itself and allow for one’s presence. 97 more words

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Marion and Leo

I find it impossible to look at any of the photos of my mom with the cougars without smiling.  All of the photos show that despite the hardships they endured they all loved one another so much. 46 more words