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Puma, Patagonia

This puma may look menacing, but she is just finishing off a nice long yawn.  She is called “Sister” and the few times we saw her she was very relaxed.   27 more words


This sharp-tailed grouse is lekking—dancing and singing as an invitation to mate. Tweeted by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, 8/11/17.

A red fox in Maine’s Acadia National Park. 144 more words


Mountain lion!

In these Oakland hills in northern California, the invader could have been a fox, a squirrel, or the usual raccoon or skunk. We have opossums, which do not move quickly no matter how alarmed. 88 more words

Police warn residents after mountain lion sighting in Park City

PARK CITY, Utah — Police in Park City say officers are currently in the area of Sunnyside Drive and Mellow Mountain in response to “a confirmed sighting” of a mountain lion. 81 more words


Camping with my two sons

I had a great time this past weekend camping with my two sons at Hawn State Park.  Well, in execution, I ended up camping with my younger son while my older son was a mile or so away at a different site.  1,132 more words


What to do When You Meet A Mountain Lion

Earlier this week, two hikers in California’s Sequoia National Park encountered a mountain lion while hiking.

Acting on instincts that humans have developed over hundreds of thousands of years to survive in a world filled with hungry big cats, the two men de-escalated the situation and got away unharmed, although the mountain lion forced them to change their route. 290 more words

Big Cats

What Was Your Favorite Story Of The Week?

Three randomly selected stories, all of which we talked about on the air this week. Which one is your choice for Story of the Week? 43 more words