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My Latest Cover Story - Pet Press July 2015

Got the opportunity to do a mitzvah for a woman who self-publishes a magazine for pets called The Pet Press. She was hospitalized for a few weeks and was unable to get her May issue out and was struggling with the June issue as well. 130 more words

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Canadian Mountain Lion

Canada has three types of Wild Cats: The Bobcat, Canada Lynx, and the Mountain Lion. This Mountain Lion wishes you a Great Happy Canada day!

Sketch #64 of 365


Residents In Southwest Denver On Lookout For Mountain Lion

DENVER (CBS4) – Residents in southwest Denver were on alert Monday night after there was a mountain lion sighting.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer checked the area near South Sheridan Boulevard and West Quincy Avenue after someone called to say they saw the big cat in their backyard. 36 more words


Big Bad Cat

I don’t often watch cat videos. But this one referenced on bbc news is worth watching. Here a cat faces off with a mountain lion and wins. 26 more words

Magda the Mountain Lion

This is a composite image that I made based on one of Brad Wilson’s photos of a mountain lion. If you don’t know his work, I suggest that you check out Brad Wilson’s studio portraits of wild animals. 113 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

VIDEO: House Cat VS Mountain Lion

If I see a mountain lion outside on my back porch pawing at my sliding glass door, I wouldn’t think “Oh let me pull out my fucking camera.” Cat gives no fucks though. 8 more words

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