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Cougars vs Trophy Hunters...

A recent blog post by Dr. Mark Elbroch of Panthera’s Puma Program brings up an important issue. As Dr. Elbroch states, there is an old and pervasive belief that large predators compete with human hunters for antlered deer and elk.

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Stories by Mail, Day 13 – Civilization belongs to the arbiters of taste


Timbits skulked lithely to the opposite side of the ridge, like waterbeads dancing on a riverstone. His face wore discontent well; in their final seconds, his prey often appeared contrite, as if they were more concerned with not disappointing him than with self-preservation. 192 more words


Cougars in the Adirondacks of New York

Eastern cougars, or mountain lions, are wild felines that resemble the common bobcat, but cougars are bigger in both size and stature.

The adult mountain lion is generally 5-9 feet long, weighing between 80-225 pounds, with an average around 140 pounds. 749 more words

Rocco's Rants


It was getting irritating, listening to well-meaning statements about what was and was not possible. She had turned briefly into a mountain lion. Not for like a long time but enough to terrorize a few people before finding her human self again. 745 more words


Pilot Mountain

by Carl Strang

On the way to visit my brother and his family in eastern North Carolina for Christmas, I made a stop at Pilot Mountain State Park in the western part of that state. 353 more words


Oakland Zoo Welcomes Third Mountain Lion Cub Rescued In Last Month

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — The Oakland Zoo has welcomed another orphaned mountain lion that will be part of the Zoo’s California Trail exhibit, the third rescued mountain lion cub saved by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in just over one month. 447 more words


California Adopts Three-Strikes Policy For Marauding Mountain Lions

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Mountain lions that kill pets and livestock in Southern California will no longer be automatically targeted for death.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife is changing the policy that granted ranchers and others automatic depredation permits for marauding cats. 272 more words