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More Cougar Madness with Videos

I put together a little video with some fun music of a male cougar looking for a mate.

The story goes like this:  I found a scrape several months ago.   210 more words


When Mountain Lions Come To Town

On May 6 in Omaha Nebraska, a Mountain Lion was spotted curled up beside an office complex. The big cat was seen sleeping next to an outside wall tucked in behind shrubbery, oblivious to what would come next. 1,468 more words

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Mountain Lions Aren't Real: A Conspiracy Theory

I don’t believe in mountain lions.

This surprises me as much as, I’m sure, it surprises you! I had no idea that I didn’t believe in mountain lions. 435 more words


Catty Shack Pix

About a week and half ago we went to a local large cat sanctuary here in Jacksonville called Catty Shack for a nighttime feeding.  We’d been once before with a niece that is really into animals and knew it was a really neat experience.   319 more words


Why did another mountain lion cross the road....?

Why, to join his sister, of course. In March, I wrote about P-33’s risky crossing of Highway 101 from the Santa Monica Mountains to the Camarillo area in Ventura County. 335 more words


Cougars and other cougars, And wolves

The other day I took a hike to a high place where the ancients once hunted bighorn sheep.  Although we still have bighorns around the valley, I’ve never seen one in this location.   808 more words


Bright Lights Big Cat

When Mountain Lion P-22, also known as the Hollywood Hills Cougar, wandered into the Los Feliz Hills area of Los Angeles sometime on Monday to take refuge in the crawl space of a house, the home owners weren’t the only ones who got a surprise. 682 more words

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