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Everyone likes venison, even in Hollywood

A cougar nabbed a deer in the Santa Susana Mountains just north of Los Angeles and feasted on it for awhile. Research biologists captured images of the moment. 16 more words


The Most Valuable Blog Entry You'll Read All Year


My hair, which has been maundering along since I buzzed it last August, has now subsided gently into a feathered helmet. Clearly there are only two solutions, which are 1) Buzz it all off again. 320 more words

Day 69 to 75: Mountain lions, meteor showers and trailside breweries

Mileage: Mile marker 724.0 to 857.8
Starting Spot: Daleville, VA
Ending Spot: Waynesboro, VA
Slept in: Shelters, cowgirl camped, tented
Weather: Warm and hazy… 2,565 more words

Trees in a forest, lions in the trees

Rain fell all night in Coeur d’Alene, but we heard that Schweitzer Mountain got some snow out of the storm, so we loaded our skis into my friend’s car anyway. 553 more words

Mountain Lions - Big Cats in High Places

If you live in the UK you may have been lucky enough to catch the BBC2 Natural World documentary Mountain Lions: Big Cats in High Places. 224 more words

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