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Wasps - Bikes and hopefully Mountains

I got some great advice about my visit by two wasps one in the middle of the night. So many thanks for all the information and especially the phone call from Lennie! 590 more words


The Big Blizzards of Feb - 78 - there were 16 helicopters and a few wild days!

The Media is full of the big snows and the great work of the Rescue Agencies especially in the Borders where the Moffat Mountain Rescue Team were out all night on the M74 and other roads . 1,169 more words


A few more - Food ideas for the hill.

Many thanks for all the replies on the Blog and Face book I thought I would add them to the blog.  I always carried a few things in the bag for Call – outs especially the long night ones or after a hard day. 574 more words


Captain Rick Jolly RIP - Surgeon in the Falklands conflict awarded medals by both sides for his work with the injured

The news broke yesterday that a hero of mine had passed away at times you meet a special person Captain – Surgeon Rick Jolly was one. 684 more words

Mountain Rescue

Ski Accidents and Insurance : what you need to know

A Swiss headline caught my eye: “Rega intervenes 180 times during the Christmas holiday.” I then heard Rhone FM report Air Glaciers ran 82 missions. The time period was December 23-26; four days! 591 more words

Tips & Tricks For Living In GVA

A short walk - Beleach Na Ba - Applecross a place that never fails to impress.

Yesterday I was offered a trip to Applecross by a pal Pete Amphlett we went in his van  it was not an early start we left at 0900 from my house. 969 more words

Mountain Rescue

Ice axes - The MacInnes Peck/ Terror and the Classic Chouinard Zero axe and hammer.

This was my first ice axe actually it’s a North Wall hammer made by Hamish MacInnes for the military as I said in the last blog and was a beast, heavy and indestructible.. 1,370 more words