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The true story of the Jesus Stone on the Dava Moor - who changed it to KMRT Saves! 25 years on!

The  power of the internet reveals a mystery after 25 years




Not sure which of your email addresses to use but I hope one of them gets this to you. 396 more words


Sea King Party even more update! A new word for me Purdah!

Hopefully this is the last piece on the Sea King Party after the piece on the news yesterday. At lease we got an answer of sorts. 560 more words


BBC Interview, lecture on Thursday at Findhorn,friends and hills. A Man in Assynt!

I had a fairly steady weekend no hills again though I still  did a bit for the BBC on the Sea King Farewell Party that is cancelled at the end of the month. 562 more words


Thanks for all the Comments on the Farewell to the Seaking. A short walk in the Cairngorms and meeting the running legend Manny Gorman.

I have had 10000 hits on the Blog on the “Farewell party for the Sea King” and I appreciate all the support much from great friends with huge SAR experience and others  from doctors to fishermen who love what this great aircraft and it crews have done over the years. 572 more words

Mountain Rescue

The Breach Kilimanjaro and the Conquest of Self - Rob Taylor.

I visited Hamish MacInnes in Glencoe a few weeks ago he was on sparkling form. During my visit he was awaiting for a call from the USA from his old friend Rob Tayor. 1,132 more words


More Feedback on yesterdays Blog on the Sea Kings and other things!

A few comments were posted yesterday on my blog and the last one is attached below this paragraph. Unfortunately as a country I feel that we are in a mess in Defence, we have aircraft carriers getting built with no planes!   1,178 more words

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