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Following Directions

Unlike a man, I know how to ask for directions. Also, unlike a man, I follow the directions even if they get me lost. I needed to go to Fall Creek Falls, a Tennessee State Park. 586 more words


On the road - Italian vacation

As I’ve hinted in a previous post, part of my family comes from Italy and I have many relatives living in Rome, still. Throughout my life, this situation has graced me with exceptional opportunities to discover the country. 1,141 more words


The (slightly) failed trip to Chiayi and Tainan

Last weekend, Yini and I planned to go see the famous beehive fireworks that kick off the lantern festival each year in Yanshui. We failed to actually see the fireworks but went to Chiayi and Tainan all the same. 1,544 more words


Back Roads To Karaçam

There is another book project simmering in a recess somewhere in the sponge that passes for my brain. It owes its existence to a chance comment (and later prodding) by a blogger friend from the US – she and her artist husband will collaborate to help pull this whole thing together. 642 more words

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Geronimo! Flying solo in Martinique

Chapter 1, in which I arrive at Aimee Cesare Airport

Bienvenue en Martinique!

Frederique Mondesir meets me at the airport. My flight arrives at 9:20 pm. 821 more words


Beartooth Pass

I had no big plans for my drive back to the midwest. I knew I had to drive pretty much straight through because I’d decided to spend extra time in Yellowstone, so I didn’t plan any stops at all. 653 more words


Stayin' Alive: A Study of Driving, and Why People Are Worse at It than They Used to Be

In the realm of personality types, I myself would fall under the category of avid rule-follower, unable to sleep if I make a minor mistake at work and wracked with guilt if I miss the due date for an essay. 1,790 more words