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Beartooth Pass

I had no big plans for my drive back to the midwest. I knew I had to drive pretty much straight through because I’d decided to spend extra time in Yellowstone, so I didn’t plan any stops at all. 653 more words


Stayin' Alive: A Study of Driving, and Why People Are Worse at It than They Used to Be

In the realm of personality types, I myself would fall under the category of avid rule-follower, unable to sleep if I make a minor mistake at work and wracked with guilt if I miss the due date for an essay. 1,790 more words


Mountain road outside Hsinchu, 4:41 pm

The rain is truly torrential now, large drops falling at a  rapid pace. The road we’re on has turned into a veritable river; dead leaves and other debris from the surrounding jungle have been washed out onto the road and gotten caught on the edges of the many cracks in the asphalt, forming little islands here and there. 115 more words


Cherry Chapstick And Drop-Off Cliffs

With the cowboy crew currently camped out on the fall wagon, the kids and I have been commissioned to feed our neighbor’s dogs for two months. 638 more words

Life On The Ranch

Don't Forget to Enjoy the Experience

At the time I decided to bicycle the Blue Ridge Parkway I had several goals I wanted to achieve.  First, was to get myself into better physical condition to handle the mountainous terrain.  447 more words

Just because

I was driving between villages when I looked up to see this view. I stopped the car to take some photos. The fragrance in the mountains is heavenly. 35 more words

Bagni Di Lucca

Short, Short Trailer, Long, Long Trip: Calaveras Big Trees State Park 2016_10_07

We are blessed to re-visit the awesome Calaveras Big Tree State Park, in California. We spent a couple of days here, many years ago, on our way to Yosemite National Park. 808 more words