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Life is Full of Surprises

Today I took a train from Milan, Italy to Geneva, Switzerland where I was to rendezvous with my host family on their way to the grandparent’s house in the alps. 1,029 more words


1967 - The Ranch at California Hot Springs

1967 – The Ranch at California Hot Springs
(Memories of mountain life…)

When I first saw the foothill area of that ranch I was mesmerized by its beauty. 2,246 more words

Slip Slidin' Away

Snow Day Post!

The kids are now back in South Carolina, all charged up and excited about the semester.
The trip down was exhausting. I discovered that my Honda Civic, Cracklin’ Rosie, hydroplanes on mountain roads with alarming regularity. 535 more words

Life after the Reality Hotel (just when I thought it was over)

One summer when Blake and I were still married, we visited my Nanny on her hilly farm in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Hay season is late there and the fields get only one crop. 671 more words


Rally Car Way To Salida

We decided to take the Mini for a spin today, to check out some scenic dirt roads and be dry in the pending rainy weather. Man, what a great ride! 624 more words