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It's Time

hoto by Giles Ashford/Google Earth Outreach

In an article on Huffington Post online, Jeff Biggers writes that mountain top removal and the destruction of the environment and people’s health is a process whose time should… 21 more words

Days Of Oil Futures Past

My father was born and raised in a mining village that has completely disappeared. The only remaining clues to its existence on banks of the Clyde River just outside of Glasgow is a memorial cairn and a tiny arched Roman bridge that’s still solid after nearly two millennia. 967 more words

Osborne's Store and Blair Mountain

Osborne’s Store and Blair Mountain

Osborne’s store was our favorite place when, in 1975, we moved from Charleston to Griffithsville. Harnesses, shotguns, tools, plows, bulk nails, seeds, groceries, clothes, pins, needles, fresh-sliced cheese, lunchmeat, and items too numerous to list, were all available at Osborne’s. 1,422 more words

Capitalism is an Un-system

My Op-Ed in the Charleston Gazette, today March 9, 2015

            In 1956, WVU engineering students were required to take an introductory economics class. Proudly packing slide rules, hanging like six-shooters from our belts, we trooped over to the building that was untouched by the sweat of our difficult engineering classes. 574 more words

EQAT's Big Win Over PNC Bank: Chat with Eileen Flanagan, author of Renewable

EQAT’s Big Win Over PNC Bank: Chat with Eileen Flanagan, author of Renewable

Eileen Flanagan is a leader of the Philadelphia-based Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT), serving as clerk of the board. 819 more words


Divestment Days and the "War on Coal"

Next weekend, February 13 and 14, hundreds of cities around the world will witness actions as part of Global Divestment Days, calling for an end to fossil fuel addiction and a transition to a clean-energy future. 1,155 more words