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Clouds in the Mountains

Yesterday we were resigned to a day at home because of rain. Son $ called to see how we were, and he suggested we go on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 717 more words

The Hulk, Cairo Living and a Mountain View - The Unique World of Egyptian Advertising

To me, Egyptian advertising is like Marmite. I either love it or hate it. To most of us raised in the region who used to watch lots of Arabic TV, we’ll often know where a commercial is conceptualized and produced. 166 more words


Canada Day Celebration!

Happy Late Canada Day to all Canadians everywhere in the world! :D

I went to a picnic with my little family in a peaceful Mountain side where there’s barely people. 139 more words

Nature Lover

Manhunt: 20 days (and counting) in June

The summer drone of lawn mowers shifted to the echoing thuds of helicopters these past three weeks, and our usual flow of visitors was replaced by an army of local, state, and federal law enforcement who have gone on foot searches through dense Adirondack terrain. 782 more words

Google, Delphi Driverless Cars Reported In Near Collision In Mountain View; Google Denies Report

MOUNTAIN VIEW (KCBS) — It’s probably happened to you before; you’re trying to merge into another lane when another driver takes a more aggressive path. Evasive action is taken to avoid a collision and a few choice words might be exchanged or or the drivers honk their horns. 214 more words



SCOTUS does the right thing and I praise God! It turns out I wasn’t mistaken, the bible really does say we are NOT allowed to discriminate against people just because we don’t agree with, approve of, or otherwise can’t relate to them! 412 more words

Not A Tent Fan? Here's What $965/Month Will Get You Elsewhere In The U.S.

After news broke that a Mountain View man was renting out a tent in his parents’ backyard garden for nearly $1000 per month, we got to wondering, what can you get with that amount in other major U.S. 424 more words