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The Fight on Everest

I wish I could have been there for the Everest 50th anniversary show at Mountainfilm, with Jim Whittaker, Tom Hornbein and Conrad Anker. 892 more words

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Six Tips for Conquering Writer's Block

Can’t come up with a column this week? Here are six sure-fire ways to break through the writer’s block and come up with ideas galore. 781 more words

Peter Shelton

Myth of the Automatic Earth

I should have seen Under African Skies, the movie about Paul Simon’s controversial album Graceland, on Mountainfilm Saturday.

It was a dry wind… 937 more words

Peter Shelton

Fear of Falling

Years ago, I had a great volunteer job over the Mountainfilm weekend: I would get up before the sun and lead anyone who wanted to go on a ski tour from Ophir to Telluride via East Bear Creek. 697 more words

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Hand Me That Monkey Wrench

Tim DeChristopher came to Mountainfilm representing a new generation of environmental monkey wrenchers. At least he hopes there is a growing cadre of young activists behind him. 954 more words

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Mountainfilm came to Telluride this past weekend and brought with it all of its usual magic: bright, glowing, intelligent people at the tops of their field in everything from climatology to mountaineering, adventure filmmaking and photography to extinction science and earth-centered activism.  155 more words

When filmmakers become their stories

Some documentary films advocate unapologetically for change. Gasland, for example, which screened last weekend at Mountainfilm.

Josh Fox’s personal journey of discovery through the natural-gas fields of Pennsylvania (his home state) and west to the Rocky Mountains is a forthright indictment of an industry largely unregulated, and stubbornly secretive, when it comes to the air and water pollution it creates. 791 more words

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