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Thursday's Special: Pick a Word in October - Y2

Paula’s photo challenges with  PICK A WORD theme. The words to choose from are: mountainous, whiskers, crumbling, spanning, and immaculate. I picked the word mountainous… 254 more words

Thursday's Special: Pick a Word in October Y2

Really glad to see Paula back, the blogosphere hasn’t been the same without her…

Of the five unrelated words she has chosen for us, I am going for mountainous, spanning and crumbling. 46 more words

Photo Challenges

Estes Park, Colorado, looks like a nature scene from a screensaver

The drive to Estes Park made me feel as though I was in a Western dream world. The winding roads were tucked securely in-between trees and huge carved rock. 256 more words

Colorado Cities


Words of the Week

It’s great to have Paula back. These are her words of the week, in photographs!


Travel to Albania, Albania Travel Tips

Albania is a mountainous country and the one of the smallest countries of Europe. The residents supposedly descended from ancient Illyrians. Culture The culture of Albania is majorly influenced by that of the mainland Greeks especially in the urban locality; nodding one’s head means ‘no’ where as shaking the head means ‘yes’. 21 more words


June's Mountains

The final stretch down into the summer holidays has meant that I have been very focussed on getting things done. It has been been very empowering and motivating. 1,004 more words

Good Days