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Keep Smiling & Climbing.

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” – Sir Edmund Hillary

Dream Journal: Ancient Mountains (I)

It was a dark, stormy night. He was in the ocean, swimming for his life. There was no land in sight.

He fought the raging waves, moving forward desperately. 345 more words

Dream Journal

It's getting cold

When I first arrived in Kazakhstan I was greeted by green everywhere, snow on the mountains, roadsides and fields filled with an extravaganza of blues, pinks, yellow and white flowers. 646 more words


Monks on Mountains: Grounding Buddhism in its Context

In an effort to divorce themselves from the desires of this banal world, (Buddhist) monks will meditate to both cleanse and refocus their minds and bodies so that they can reach a peaceful or higher state unencumbered.  574 more words

Somewhere in Iceland

The cloud and mountain image was captured on Rte 35 near Hveragedi.
We were traveling to Pingvellir National Park but I decided to go exploring another way and never made it. 17 more words


Autumn walks and the final days in Rondane

The last few weeks I sacrificed the mountain tops for the White Birch woods, because the mountain is on fire with the autumn here. It is so pretty that I can sit down and stare at one spot for five minute and still not really comprehend what I am looking at. 627 more words