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3 Days in Paradise (Lake O'Hara)

I’ve been told for years that Lake O’Hara is “Heaven On Earth.” After only five minutes there, I could confirm that the reputation is unbelievably accurate. 1,561 more words


Fleeting moments with RHE - Colorado

Colorado sunrise

sucking the breath from my body.

With its beauty.

Let behind is a kiss.

For you to find.

When you one day return… 18 more words

Fleeting Moments With RHE

Day 3 - Today is About Miles

I realized that doing roughly 25 miles for the first four days was not going to work in order to get to Spring Creek Pass by Sunday. 1,249 more words

52 Weeks - An Hour At A Time

The Asylum

We were supposed to stay at the Easthaven Hotel, but we got lost. The fog was too thick and the overgrowth obscured the street signs. I blame it on the fog, but I’m also convinced that those roads on the edge of (the town known as) Devil’s Peak change at night. 251 more words

The Door in the Basement

Daniel and Emily had explored the basement before, but they Had never seen the door near the far right end. The basement of the mansion which their parents inheirited was expensive and full of old and usual objects so it’s understandable how they could’ve missed it. 193 more words


in the town where I grew up, the first time it snows incites peculiar things to occur. it’s hard to describe. my town, which normally boasts a kind and warm nature, becomes cold. 209 more words

Starry night video

VIDEO – Starry night time lapse sky

Two of my favourite hobbies are photography and astronomy, and it only gets better when the two are combined.Star trail images show the motion of the stars over a long period of time, making beautiful arcs. 97 more words