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Satisfaction - A Successful Capture


Successfully capturing the essence of a moment.
So much so, that when I revisit the image,
I am transported back,
Into that moment,
As if I am reliving it again.


Together is better 

Good morning, sunshine! Wake up and smile. It’s a beautiful day to live and travel. Today i’m heading to Transalpina, one of the most beautiful landscape of Romania. 18 more words


Mala Fatra

“Is a mountain a very large rock? Is a planet a huge mountain? These terms can be used, but the new scale of magnitude brings with it new regularities and new phenomena.” 13 more words

Capturing a breathtaking contrast at Ushguli, Georgia via /r/pics

Capturing a breathtaking contrast at Ushguli, Georgia


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"All great and precious things are lonely"

When you’re not a sociopath, you feel comfortable amidst the presence of great immovable things.
Somewhere in the Himalayas.

A distinctive Mountainside House in Seoul, South Korea

This unusual and contemporary structure is situated in a panoramic preservation area at the feet of a path that leads as much as Bukansan, the mountain in the northern periphery of Seoul, South Korea in the Jongno District. 13 more words