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Hoist the Jolly Roger

Time for another anime review. This time, I’m going to talk about a show rather more current than Kamichu. I’m staying spoiler-free; I wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises for you. 873 more words


Mouretsu Pirates - Otome Wish Fulfillment

Azt hiszem a címmel le is írtam mindent.

Olyan jó kis űroperaszerűen indult pedig, aztán egy elég pozitívan idióta sorozat lett belőle. Igazából így két dolog hiányzott belőle nekem. 393 more words


Mouretsu Pirates Episode 6: A Space Pirates Life For Me

Piracy, regardless of its general acceptability, is in the end one thing: The forceful changing of goods from one party to another. From the context of 17th Century sea raids all the way to the debatable modern incarnation of taking a copyrighted file (Which remains a highly contentious issue), that’s remained fairly constant throughout much of history. 485 more words

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Mouretsu Pirates Are Like Maid Cafe Maids

I mentioned it elsewhere but let’s drill down on the maid cafe aspect of Mouretsu Pirates. Yes, the maid cafe. I think it’s important to realize why it exists, why it plays a role in Marika’s life, and what it really means so far. 866 more words

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Judge Book by Cover: Winter 2011 Edition

Another year, another season, another activity under the sun. Three-ep test time, right?

Danshi Koukosei no Nichijou – Nichibros is great fun. But I am not compelled. 879 more words

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Details in Space, Details from Space

There is just one comment I want to make:

How do you deal with an audience who is going to point out that those girls are working in zero-gravity with skirts? 124 more words

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