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Mourid and Me

My favourite Palestinian book is Mourid Barghouti’s beautiful 1997 memoir I Saw Ramallah. The book opens with Barghouti crossing the Allenby Bridge over the Jordan River into Palestine after 30 years of exile. 187 more words

A Poet Speaks of the American President - How Much Victory Do You Need?

Last month, Anthony Wilson, a British poet and occasional correspondent, posted an end of the year note about the year’s poetry.  He included in it a poem by noted Palestinian poet Mourid Barghouti. 260 more words

Personal Views

A Response to Barghouti's "I Saw Ramallah" by Liz Burkemper

Liz Burkemper shared this with me, and I am happy to share it here.  Liz is a sophomore at George Washington University.

“The Occupation has created generations of us that have to adore an unknown beloved: distant, difficult, surrounded by guards, by walls, by nuclear missiles, by sheer terror.”  Themes of land, identity, and displacement color I Saw Ramallah, a lyrical memoir of lament by Mourid Barghouti. 1,397 more words