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A Response to Barghouti's "I Saw Ramallah" by Liz Burkemper

Liz Burkemper shared this with me, and I am happy to share it here.  Liz is a sophomore at George Washington University.

“The Occupation has created generations of us that have to adore an unknown beloved: distant, difficult, surrounded by guards, by walls, by nuclear missiles, by sheer terror.”  Themes of land, identity, and displacement color I Saw Ramallah, a lyrical memoir of lament by Mourid Barghouti. 1,397 more words


"We are all victims of some kind of occupation" (Ahed Tamimi)

Postings Begin Again

After a few months of not posting here, I begin again. The posts will be simple at first, that is, providing links to items in the news and on the Internet without commentary on my part. 408 more words

Connections: Victor Shklovsky and Mourid Barghouti on sadness and satisfaction

In the footnotes to the annotated edition of The Victor Shklovsky Reader, there is a footnote that comes at the end of this paragraph from  200 more words


I saw Ramallah

Type: Novel, short auto-biography
Author: Mourid Barghouti
Date: 1997
Place: Palestine, Ramallah
Pages: 208
English Translation: Yes in 2003

I don’t live in a place. I live in a time 608 more words


“. . . in the icy morning, the schoolboy’s fingers are frozen . . .” (Mourid Barghouti)

❶ . ‘Young lives taken too soon’: activists dedicate memorial to Tamir Rice in Aida Refugee Camp

  • Background: “Stuck In Circulation: Children, ‘Waithood’ And The Conflict Narratives Of Israelis And Palestinians.” …
  • 1,118 more words