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The mourning cloak.

This picture was taken in early August and I was quite surprised to see this big butterfly. It is generally seen often in the Spring but not really late Summer. 19 more words


Butterfly Collection 

Such magnificent and magical creatures…Battle scars and all.


Becoming a #butterfly 🦋 Mourning cloak

So many of these spikey guys seen in the garden today and I’m wondering what butterfly they will become. 🤔

So, back at the garden I see these caterpillars everywhere and I think oh they are monarchs (because they have been flying around too) and when I look up their prepuppa stage I see that these are not them so I just start googling caterpillars. 80 more words


Early butterflies

Starting in mid-April this year, we began to see a few species of early-flying butterflies. In general, Juneau is not blessed with a great diversity of butterflies, for whatever historical and geographic reasons. 769 more words

Mourning Cloaks Surviving On Sap

Who doesn’t celebrate at the sight of a Mourning Cloak butterfly gliding through the woods on soft, spring breezes? Because the adults spend the winter hibernating behind loose bark, Mourning Cloaks are among the first butterflies to take flight in the spring. 108 more words

A Butterfly that Hibernates

The last thing on my mind when I’m hiking this time of year is butterflies…it’s cold and there are few flowers in bloom.  But, I pass through a sunny clearing in the forest on my daily walks and invariably have my day dreams interrupted by the flutter of a Mourning Cloak butterfly. 43 more words

Nature Photography

Camberwell Beauty

It should really, I think, be made of wine-coloured velvet. But I’ve never actually seen one. They aren’t native to Britain, just rare visitors. I’m not particularly keen on the finished product, but it has a sort of glamour about it.