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Mourning Cloak Butterflies Out From Under Tree Bark

Mourning Cloaks have recently emerged from under loose bark where they hibernated all winter. These early flyers, along with a few other species such as commas and tortoiseshells, have a jump start in the spring due to their not having to go through metamorphosis like most butterflies. 110 more words


Breakfast with a Mourning Cloak

During our breakfast on the back porch this morning, a Mourning Cloak alighted on the Silver Maple to bask in the sun. The is the first butterfly we have seen since last year. 257 more words


Could it really be spring?!

It’s the second day in a row that the day time temperatures are above 60… The Song Sparrows and Chipping Sparrows have started vocalizing in my neighborhood. 251 more words


Day Two

Today we moved from the little hotel we spent the night at last night to the condos where we will spend the week. Seems simple enough, but we also had to go grocery shopping, eat lunch, get settled, all of that managed to take the whole day! 158 more words


Spring Bliss: A Two-Butterfly Day

I sat by Kokanee Creek today watching the dippers build their nest, displaying to each other and chasing a third dipper from the nest site. The warm sun and the roaring of the creek were my whole world while I sat there. 73 more words

Kootenay Lake Wildlife

Winter Survival of Insects- the Right Stuff

During the cold New England winter months, we are blissfully ignorant of all the survival drama going on in the natural environment, at least as far as insects are concerned. 733 more words


Mourning cloak butterflies

The mourning cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) is the earliest butterly to appear in late winter or early spring. This picture was taken last April 3 in the… 325 more words