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What's Up?

My backyard is still the center of attention for many birds. I figure that must be like a safe haven for them since they can easily have a balanced meal of variety of seeds, water to drink or bathe, flower nectars, wild berries and plenty of trees and shrubs for building nests for shelter or to make them their home. 120 more words

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One Dove

There he is again, the mourning dove, sitting on the wire outside my window alone, looking in while I work at my desk, as he does just about every morning. 332 more words

Life Thoughts

Flowers, Rain, and a Dove

I took the following two photos last year, forgot about them, and only today got the time to review and process them.

First a Mourning Dove seemed interested in the flowers of a Desert Rose kept in a planter. 34 more words


Here and There

Now that I am using my new iMac, I feel better.  My old MacBook Pro is at the Apple Shop being fixed and refurbished.

We are going through a long, long Summer in Georgia, weather temperatures rise to the high 90ºs almost daily and we are hit with sporadic summer type rainstorms (Heavy for a short period of time). 108 more words


Mourning Dove

the mourning dove feeds

© Freeda Baker Nichols


Guess the Gray Bird #3

Ok, obviously they can’t all be completely gray. Maybe this one isn’t too hard because it’s very common. It’s a Mourning Dove.

Backyard Habitat

The Dove's Call

The mourning dove’s (Zenaida macroura) call is a wild, haunting sound that complements the whistle of its wings. In mid-August, doves coo softly in the cool of early morning and in the sultry late-afternoon heat. 264 more words

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