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Scat Cat Spat About Cat Scat (And Other Fecal Matters)

I confess, I’m just posting about the skill of tracking, specifically as it applies to identifying and interpreting animal scat, tracks, and other “signs… 1,280 more words

Kit's Crit: Cogewea - The Half-Blood (Mourning Dove)

Cogewea: The Half-Blood

(Mourning Dove)

Cogewea is a “breed” or “half-blood,” a young woman stuck in the liminal world between two cultures.  Her grandmother gave her the tales of her Native American heritage, but she lives on her white bother-in-law’s ranch on the Flathead Indian Reservation. 164 more words

Book Review

Mourning Dove

Doves have never been a favorite bird of mine.  I don’t like the sounds they make and they sit in the feeder leaving droppings, not politely hanging their tails over the edge as the other birds do. 94 more words


Remember When...

YEAR 2012 – Mourning Dove

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Not Black and White

Passing by the old Cedars, we see half black and white feathers scattered on the ground. Inspecting them, we identify that they belong to a Mourning Dove. 73 more words

Carmen Sterba

Mourning Dove #6


A Mourning Dove that was picking through the snow for bird seed beneath my feeders at the house. This picture is from today and the ground is completely covered now here at the house with about 3 inches of snow. 38 more words


Wings of a dove

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return. 40 more words