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A familiar tune

The new day peaks its head just above the night

and a mourning dove begins his soulful tune,

Waking the Sun, his melody glides the currents of the dawn… 203 more words


mommas - we're all the same, no matter the species

a momma mourning dove set up house on top of our back porch light. i’m not sure when baby was born because all we could see was her. 250 more words

DNCB Outing No. 2016-19 to Colony Farm

Photos below by Roger (RM), Terry (TC), Glen (GB), Jack (JMac), Marion (MS), Pat, David & Noreen (D&N) from our DNCB Picasa site.

I have been too busy this week (BCN AGM in Comox Valley, etc.) to do a report on last Wednesday’s outing to Colony Farm.  142 more words


Wild Wednesday ... Mill Birds

Just a few of the birds hanging out around the mill these days.

Move along!

Canada Geese and goslings.

Wood Duck

Male Wood Ducks

Great Blue Heron and Wood Duck

American Coot

Mourning Dove



Gone to the Birds...

The birds stop coming to the feeders and that means something is wrong. So I check, yep, seed is wet and moldy again. So I clean out the feeder, don’t put as much in this time. 189 more words

Mourning Dove

During the past few weeks, a group of about six mourning doves has been hanging out in my backyard. They love to lounge on the garage roof then swoop down to get some food. 19 more words


Mourning Dove

Did you know that when the mourning dove picks up seeds off the ground, they are not always eating them. They are storing them in a “crop,” which is a large part of their esophagus. 10 more words