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Mourning Doves

This spring I have been seeing a lot more bird activities in my backyard. I see my regular visitors like finches, humming birds, pheobe, sparrow, mourning doves & the springtime visitors like mocking bird & the special visitors this year are cliff swallows who are trying to build nest on the eaves of my house. 249 more words


National Poetry Month Contest: Day 26 - Free Day

Today’s theme is “FREE DAY!”

Today is a FREE day, your day to write a haiku about anything you’d like! So this morning, I closed my eyes to think of what to write. 92 more words


Mourning dove eating seeds.

This picture was taken in mid-March of this year. It was a sunny morning and as I was looking at a feeding station for birds this dove arrived. 30 more words


If You Seek a Pleasant Peninsula

The gods of Midwestern weather smiled on us today, sending us one of those idyllic spring days that are so beautiful they make your heart burst. 84 more words


Quetzals under the Turrialba Volcano

April, and beautiful weather on the Turrialba Volcano slope: a perfect combination for making the Resplendent Quetzal our target bird for the day.

Larry and I set off early but in bright sunshine for La Pastora, the village at which the Turrialba Volcano road begins. 804 more words

Around Turrialba

Cooper's Hawk; Petaluma, California

I looked out our dining room window the other morning and saw this cooper’s hawk eating a mourning dove.  I grabbed my big lens and tripod and stationed myself about 10 feet back from a sliding door.   280 more words